Pakistan School Muscat bus crash victims identified

Wreckage of the Pakistan School Muscat bus which had 36 kids and the driver onboard at the time of the accident. Photo supplied.

Muscat: A tragic road crash in Muscat claimed lives of three students of Pakistan School Muscat (PSM) on Wednesday morning.

"Three students died and two are battling for their lives in the intensive care unit. We are praying for the speedy recovery of the two who are still in the ICU," Muhammad Zakriya Babur, principal of PSM, told Times of Oman.

"The accident happened early in the morning when the bus was on its way to school. The bus was coming from Mabelah with children living in and around that area. Almost all the kids were sleeping because they start early in the morning. We still don't know the actual reason behind the accident, which happened near Petroleum Development Oman (PDO)," the PSM principal added.

The victims – two boys and one girl – have been identified as Sayyid Fahad, 10; Awais Nazir, 9, and Fareeh Parvez, 16. Sayyid was a class 5 student while Awais studied in class 4 and Fareeha was in class 12.

Meanwhile, the two boys who are battling for life in the ICU have been named as Faisal (class 9) and Jawad (class 1).

"The Almighty will not disappoint us. Now, everything is in his hands. I am praying for both the kids who are in the ICU," Faisal's father said.


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Reader Comments

May Allah give patience to the victims parents to bear such a great lost. (Ameen). Everything that happens, happens at Allahs will and nothing is on our hand.Everyone will reach the state of death and no one can escape from it.. May Allah recover those in ICU and the injured ones (Ameen)

Allah un dno student ko sehat dy Ameen R baqi jo bi injured hai unk parents ko sabar dy Ameen..R jo faut ho gy hai unko and pray fr it

ALLAH TAALA sb pr apna fazal kary, khas kr jo bachey zakhmi hain wo jald sehatyaab ho jayen ( Aameen )

May Allahh Bless them all. Jawad is my Nephew and all of us here in Pakistan are worried about him. Please pray for his life and health. May Allahh Bless us All.

Allah pak jawad aur Faisal ko jald sehat yaab kry..Ameen

Where is that stupid driver who is responsible for this irrepairable loss .May Allah gv patience to thosr parents whose children oman its diffcult to get licencegor expat bt omani driver commits life threating blunders bt get licence easily .i request to r.op to hv proper assessment n overspeeding is main probleem isso spped limit mus b limitize soon.

I still cant understand one thing these bus drivers when they driving the bus they are not thinking that they have kids from others and they have responsibility to take care of them or they dont have heart to feel what happened to parents who lose their love once may allah give them courage to handle this ameen

Very sad news... :(
may god bless them all :(

I am very sad and shocked to hear this news I pray to Allah to give patience to their parents those lost kids and pray for fast recovry those are injured.

Our Prayers or with these families. May Allah Grant them patience.

Allah almighty plzz give patience to thos parents...
A child who was dead was so badly injured tht his face couldnt b identified but d mother identified it by d sweater he wore 2 schoolll....ya ALLAH rehamm....

It is painful to know such a tragedy. Drivers have a responsibility toward students.
All Mighty help parents to term with such a tragedy.

Its also said that the children sitting near the window fell out the bus n the bus fell on them...

speechless on this.May Almighty Allah rest in peace the deceased and give health to our kids ameen

The girl was the single child of her mother and her father passed away long back.