379 illegal workers nabbed by Ministry of Manpower inspection teams

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Muscat: Joint inspection teams at the Ministry of Manpower nabbed 379 illegal workers for violating labour laws, the weekly report said. It added that out of 379 detained, 315 were commercial workers, 40 private and 24 were working on farms. 

The inspection teams caught 143 absconding workers, 189 astray workers and 22 workers who committed other violations.

Muscat governorate recorded 102 cases of labour law violations, followed by North and South Al Batinah (91 cases), North and South A'Sharqiyah (94 cases), A'Dakhiliyah (39 cases), A'Dhahirah with (23 cases), Al Buraimi (3 cases), and Dhofar (2 cases).

The report said that competent authorities at the Ministry of Manpower are taking the legal procedures against the violators.


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Reader Comments

I think if they find out the root cause of this violation it would be more productive. Long live Sultan Qaboos , amen