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Indian School Salalah celebrates 33rd KG and Primary Annual Festival

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Indian school Salalah celebrated its 33rdKG and Primary Annual day on 31st January 2014 in the school premises. The mood was festive and upbeat.

Mr.Kiran Asher, Vice Chairman, Board of directors of Indian schools in Oman graced the occasion as the chief guest. The School-Band accorded a warm welcome when the Chief Guest, Mr. Kiran Asher arrived. He was received and welcomed by Mr. Cyril Samuel, the President of the School Management Committee, Mr. T.R. Brown, the Principal of the School and other esteemed Members of the Committee. Miss Hazel Babu presented bouquet to the chief guest Mr. Kiran Asher. The auspicious events commenced with the National Anthem of Oman and of India.

Vice president, School management committee Mr.Anil Kumar welcomed the chief guest,  Mr.Kiran Asher, Vice Chairman, Board of directors of Indian schools, former presidents and members of SMC, Chairman of Indian Social club and the office bearers, special invitees, guests, parents and children. During his address, he said, 'The primary school years are an important phase in a child's education. It lays the foundation for his learning and development later on in life'. He also said, 'Our primary education is child centred with activities. So occasions like Annual day celebrations play a major role in the lives of our children. Such occasions give them an opportunity to showcase their talents and they learn to work as a team.'

Vice Principal Mrs.Omana Mathews with immense pride presented the eventful School Annual Report highlighting the prominent achievements of the school during the academic year in scholastic and non-scholastic areas. She mentioned about the rich and composite culture of Indian school Salalah which strives to cultivate academic excellence and promised the parents that their children are in the safe hands.

The chief guest Mr.Kiran Asher while addressing the gathering congratulated the school management committee, parents, teachers and students for the tremendous progress which has taken place and also whole heartedly expressed his sincere gratitude to the host country and His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said. He made a commendable remark on school annual day celebrations and appreciated the prize winners. He concluded his speech reminding that 'Parents are the first teachers and teachers are the second parents'.

Prize giving ceremony happens to be the most awaited event of the Annual Day. Achievers, both individuals and teams were honoured by the chief guest. In CCA primary category, the red House won the winners' trophy and yellow House finished runners-up.

Mr. Cyril Samuel, the President, the School Management Committee and Mr. T.R. Brown, the Principal made the occasion more memorable when they presented a memento to the Chief Guest, Mr. Kiran Asher.

Tiny tots brought to life the colours of childhood .The cultural fiesta triggeredwith a spectacular display on the theme' Health is Wealth'. The whole act was so versatile that it highlighted importance of healthy eating. The dynamic tots with all their liveliness, enthusiasm and splendid costumes stole the heart of whole audience. The chicken dance not only embraced the standards of perfection but also thrilled the audience with its variants in approach and style.

The semi classical dance which was a tribute to the mighty river Brahmaputra reinstated the importance of rivers in our day to day life .The little artists performed the whole act with the highest degree of beauty and perfection.

The story 'Ali Baba and forty thieves'enacted by the students of grade one and two, 'Hindi dance drama', 'peacock dance' and 'Pilipinodance' bedazzled and enhanced the thoughts and senses of the gathered.

While the skit in English-'Ransom of the Red chief' sketched the sensitive issues regarding quick money making and its bitter consequences, the Hindi skit 'Jago Jago'reminded the individual responsibilities towards preserving natural resources for a better tomorrow. The Malayalam skit 'Safalya Yathra'highlighted the theme of sharing and caring.The Skits brought out the best of acting skills in the students. 'The ballet' succeeded in portraying the enchanting beauty of all the seasons and was a visual treat.

The comperers tied up the thread line from one item to the next. The students and teachers had prepared a wide array of musical and dance items in accordance with the theme. Both the action song 'Together we can change the world' and the Symphony –'The earth Anthem ' sung  by  the students enthralled the audience.

The Orchestra and the Rock band electrified the floor and stirred the energy of the spectators.
The equally distributed and occasionally befitting fillers-'Power of motivation', 'Rice cakes', 'The Garbage diet' and 'Exam Vs Cricket' refreshed the breaks.

The 33rd Annual Day concluded with the vote of thanks, given by Mr. P R Venkitarayan, Treasurer, School management committee. He expressed his sense of gratitude to His Majesty Sultan Qaboos Bin Said and the Ministry of Sultanate of Oman. He also extended his gratitude to the chief guest Mr. Kiran Asher for presiding over the ceremony and for the board's continued support in the school's progress.

Mr. Venkitarayan also thanked the President of SMC, Mr. Cyril Samuel, Principal Mr. T.R. Brown, his colleagues in SMC, former presidents and members of the SMC, Chairman and Members of Indian Social Club, parents, teachers and students leaving behind the promise of a handful of brighter hues the next year.


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