Indian School Sur bus accident: Injured Omani child stable, students discharged after treatment

Wreckage of school bus and car after the accident on Jebel Eid road in wilayat of Sur. Photo - Public Authority of Civil Defence and Ambulance Oman

Muscat: The Omani child who suffered injuries in Indian School Sur bus accident, which claimed two lives on Sunday, is in stable condition, hospital sources told Times of Oman.

"The child who sustained minor injuries is fine now. Meanwhile, all the Indian students who were admitted to hospital following the accident have been discharged," the source said.

An Omani school boy and a teenage driver were killed when their car crashed into a bus carrying students of Indian School Sur on Sunday morning while another Omani child onboard the car sustained injuries.

Twenty four Indian School students onboard the school bus also suffered injuries.

While the car driver died on the spot, the boy in the car succumbed to his injuries in Sur Hospital on Sunday afternoon. Six of the injured Indian students and another Omani boy were being treated in Sur hospital. Both the deceased were laid to rest on Sunday evening.

"The driver of the car lost control after hitting another vehicle and crashed into the school bus. The school bus driver also received minor injuries. Speeding and slippery roads due to morning rain might have caused the accident," Shajahan, Indian Embassy counsellor in Sur, told Times of Oman on Sunday.


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