Heavy rains lash out Oman, motorists warned

Rain in Ruwi, MBD area. Photo - Abraham Richard/Times of Oman

Muscat: Heavy torrential downpour lashed Muscat and other governorates of northern Oman leading to traffic jams and road blocks.

Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance have warned residents and motorists to be cautious as weather conditions may cause a drop in visibility and roads may become slippery.

Oman is witnessing heavy rains, strong winds, thunderstorms and hailstorms since last night due to a low pressure system.

Photo - Supplied

Photo - Supplied

to view the photo album of rains lashing in the capital area captured by our photographer Jun Estrada

Click to view the photo album of pictures of rain in and around Muscat city. Pictures are sent by Times of Oman readers


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Paravaai illai Oman ill resent years of good rain.