Majlis Al Shura Economic and Financial Committee discusses Oman consumer protection law

Muscat: Oman's draft Consumer Protection Law moved a step forward after discussion by Majlis Al Shura's Economic and Financial Committee on Wednesday.

The Committee will hold a joint meeting with the Legal and Legislative Committee to present its remarks in drafting and amending some texts of the draft law according to the text of the Article (128) of the Majlis' internal bylaw.  The final report will be approved and submitted before Majlis Al Shura for discussion and approval during the upcoming regular session. The report included several remarks and amendments on the draft law.

The draft law was referred by Majlis Office to the committee for studying and presenting its views on it. The committee while studying the draft law held several meetings and hosted specialists and officials of the various respective agencies, including the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the Public Authority for Consumer Protection

The Committee aimed to incorporate views and visions of these agencies to the draft law before submitting the final report.


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Reader Comments

Stop discussing, start reacting, it is high time in Oman that the respective authorities responsible for their jobs should start making some real moves and installing changes that widely needed. As a basic consumer in Oman is on the loosing end of his/her rights. There are huge corporations on Oman who are taking tremendous advantage of the basic consumer in Oman as the the authorities are not stern with their enforcements against illegal activities. Look at example of the company (M.A.N) selling fake spare truck parts for about 15 years in Oman, that resulted in a handful of expatriate employees being imprisoned. What about the top management and the actual owners of the company Mohammed Bahwan, who are equally responsible for the illegal trade as it is their company.