Aam Aadmi Party receives sizeable financial support from donors in Oman

In this file photo, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) chief Arvind Kejriwal addresses a National Conference in New Delhi. Photo - PTI

Muscat: Aam Aadmi Party (Common Man's Party), which is shaking up Indian politics by positioning itself as a viable alternative to India's two main parties in the upcoming national elections, is receiving sizeable financial support from its supporters in Oman. According to the party's live and updated donation list, it had received Rs399,097 (OMR2,517.46) from 99 donors in Oman till on Wednesday.

In the descending order of donation amount, Oman stands 13th on the list of 100 countries from where AAP has received donations.

"Non-resident Indians (NRIs) better understand how their country is in trouble due to rampant corruption. So, when a party like AAP is ready to take the lead to root it out, we will be the happiest lot to support them. This is the reason why AAP is getting good financial support from the NRIs," Jaison Mathai, an AAP supporter in Oman, said.

"Corruption is the biggest threat our country is facing. None of the national parties who have ruled India for the last six decades have succeeded in tackling it properly.

But in a few days' rule itself, AAP showed the country how to fight corruption. We feel it was like a revolution. Now, we see a ray of hope. If a party like AAP comes to power, corruption will be rooted out and corrupt will be penalised. This is the reason why an NRI like me is keen to support AAP," Basil Peter, another AAP supporter in Oman who is being officially contacted by the AAP branch in UAE, pointed out.

UAE tops list
Among the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, AAP supporters from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) top the list at position three with Rs5,857,368; Qatar is at position eight with donations of Rs924,532; Kuwait is at position nine with donations worth Rs654,808 and Saudi Arabia is at position 10 by donating Rs650,480.

Since December 12, 2013 till March 19, 2014, the party has received Rs141,066,409 (OMR890,012.26) from 63,577 donors in 100 countries.

It is estimated that AAP would need somewhere around Rs20 billion for the national elections.

AAP has been widely using social networking sites, mainly Facebook and Twitter, to encourage people to donate generously for "a corruption-free India".

The mobile application 'Aap ka Dhan' launched by the AAP is also helping the party volunteers collect money from donors during the door-to-door campaign.


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Reader Comments

Oh. What kinds douche bags you guys are...!!! Blabbering & spreading false news to serve your own vested interests. From the comments it is quite understood that you are indeed a BJP-RSS-SanghParivar-VHP nexus supporter. Gr8. Good job. Lets spit on this new Surya Kiran of Hope as we secular Indians believe it to be. Keep up your propaganda but do keep away from poisoning the minds & thoughts of un-biased good people.

Highly appreciable on the part of NRIs.

Donate by TAN,MAN and DHAN. but must donate. A bundle of small sticks will be strong enough to wipe out the corruption and corrupts out of this country. Follow the examples set by ESM of Himachal Pradesh. Col Pathania (retd)