Nepalese expat injured in Muscat attack

The condition of Dur Bahadur is out of danger and he is recovering at Khoula hospital. Photo supplied

Muscat: A Nepalese expatriate who works at a mall in Darsait area was reportedly attacked by an unidentified person at around 4am Wednesday and is undergoing treatment at Khoula Hospital.

According to Nepali social workers, the victim, Dur Bahadur, whose condition was stated to be critical in the morning, is out of danger now and recovering. He suffered injuries on the back of his head and left eye. 

"He was walking back home after work when a stranger approached and asked him for money. He didn't have anything. He said 'no' and tried to walk past the stranger to avoid him but he was hit by the stranger with some object. He fell down unconscious. Later, some passerby saw him lying on the road bleeding and called the police," DB Chhetri, president of Non-resident Nepali Association (NRNA) in Oman, told Times of Oman.

"Police rushed to the spot and got him admitted to Khoula Hospital. His condition was critical in the morning but now medics say he is out of danger," Chhetri added, saying that the Nepalese Embassy has been informed about the incident and the ambassador has assured to meet the victim.

Meanwhile, another employee of the same mall said that such incidents happen often in the area when they return after work. "In the past, I was also attacked and had sustained serious injuries," an employee added.

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Reader Comments

Drug users are responsible for this mess! Pushers should be hanged in public!

If here is any labour law then they must find out the person and punish them and also the responsible authorities should provide him all the needs during his treatment.. Government should take some effective action for these incident.

:( Its too sad to hear :( :(

What is happening in oman few dayz ago some one took wallet cell phone laptop or my friend when he was coming back to room ... Whats going on here?