Oman Weather: Rains wreak havoc across Muscat

Photo - Jun Estrada / Times of Oman

Muscat: Rains created havoc in some parts of the city including Ruwi, Seeb, Ghubra and other heavily populated residential and commercial areas in the city.

Speed of the vehicles on main roads came down drastically, as there was intermittent moderate and light rains in the city. Thick clouds gathered on the skies affecting the visibility level, drivers switched on lights of their cars and are using flash lights to alert.

In the meantime, Public Authority of Civil Defence and Ambulances (PACDA) has warned people against venturing into sea due to weather conditions.

It has also asked the owners of shipping services and boats to take precautionary measures and tie their boats properly on the shores. PACDA has also has said that in the case of emergency people could contact  on phone number 9999.

The PACDA has issued fresh instructions to the people urging them to leave a safe distance between their cars and the cars in front of them, try not to overtake cars, use wipers and make sure they work properly.

As road becomes slippery, this is why the PACDA urged the people to slow down speed while driving and avoid driving through water puddles.

According to Oman's meteorological department, there was 13.4 mm rains in Sohar and 13 mm in Buraimi by 11:30 on Wednesday. At the same time, there was 12.2 mm rains in Madha, 10.6 in Qamra and 9.4 mm in Sanina.

There were early morning rains in Shinas, Buraimi, Musandam, Khasab, Diba, Barkah, Mahdha, Liwa, Al Khaboorah, Suwaiq, Musanah, Ibra and Al Rustaq.

Earlier in the day, the PACDA in Ad Dhahirah governorate announced it was closing the road which leads to Wadi Tanouf dam in Nizwa as a precautionary measure as there were no residential localities around the dam.

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Reader Comments

I live in Ruwi but I have not seen any havoc created by the rains! Actually the weather is quite breathtaking and beautiful almost like a hill station :)