Sanad Awards hails young entrepreneurs

Muscat:  A function was held here yesterday to present the 'Sanad' Awards 2012 to young entrepreneurs. The ceremony was held under the sponsorship of Sheikh Al Fadhl bin Mohammed Al Harthy, Secretary General of the Council of Ministers in the presence of Sheikh Mohammed bin Suaied Al Kalbani, Minister of Social Development and chairman of 'Sanad' Programme board of directors in the presence of a number of businessmen.

The Secretary General said that the winning projects are the real success stories. He hoped that these projects would encourage job-seekers to start their own ventures. He pointed out that the programme has been a remarkable success, especially as the limit of the loans provided to entrepreneurs under this plan have been raised from RO5,000 to RO50,000.

The value of the awards has also been raised to assist youths and encourage them to work in such projects. He hoped that the private sector would support these projects by promoting their products and services to help youths achieve the prospective success.


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