Latest IT system to be used for polls

Muscat: The Ministry of Interior announced it will use the latest technological facilities in the election process. This will  facilitate the casting of votes. It was also decided to open an election centre in the wilayat of Baushar in Muscat Governorate.

The centre will serve voters from the wilayats of Dhofar and Musandam Governorates.  It will provide details of those who are domiciled outside the two governorates. It will also  deal with their  registeration and set up the e-system on their IDs. The centre will use the e-voting system.  
The voting at the centre will take place on Sunday from 8.00 am to 7.00 pm at Al Ula Basic Education School for male voters and Thuraya Al Busaidiyah for Basic Education School, near Al Ghubrah Health Complex in Baushar, for females.


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