Automated car parking factory starts operation

All manufacturing processes in the factory are being done under strict supervision of engineers and technicians trained in Korea. Supplied picture

Muscat:  Intelligent Parking & Elevator, a technical arm of North Ocean Enterprises, which provides automated car parking solutions, began its operations in a factory at Barka.

"We are very proud to have such a state-of-the-art of manufacturing process for automated car parking systems in the Middle East and North Africa region. This facility is first-of-its kind in the Middle East, Africa and Oman. As a fast growing country, Oman needs latest technology for resolving car parking problems," said by Shabbir Boriyawala, chairman of Intelligent Parking & North Ocean Enterprises.

All design and other technical support is provided to ipark by Simmatec — Korea, which is pioneer in automated car parking systems in the world for the last 20 years.
Manufacturing facility includes high precision equipment with latest technology.

Computerised machines for sheet metal processing have been installed for fabrication work. Special process of sand blasting is done before painting to ensure good quality of surface treatment.  High-quality Mig welding machines are used for superior welding operations.

A good engineering machine shop ensures precise components for car parking systems. Engineers and work men with rich experience in automated car parking systems are recruited for meeting customer requirements of best product at reasonable cost. All manufacturing processes in the factory are being done under strict supervision of Korea-trained engineers and technicians.

"Oman's first basement parking project for 66 cars, without ramp for drive in and drive out is being manufactured and installed at Al Ghubra and another Puzzle type car parking system for 150 cars in a single basement of six metres height is under manufacturing at the Barka plant. 

"More than 15 projects are under design stage and we have parking solutions from two cars to 2000 cars," said by Anil Cherian, general manager of ipark.


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