Trucks trigger alarm

Muscat: Drivers need adequate sleep and proper meal intake, the Royal Oman Police (ROP) has cautioned.Most of the road accidents that are blamed on human error are caused due to stress, work overload, miscalculation or poor weather conditions, an ROP official noted, while advising the drivers of heavy vehicle to strictly adhere to road rules.

More destructive

Accidents involving heavy vehicles have been on the rise in Oman and cause much more damage as compared to accidents involving smaller vehicles. Truck accidents are much more destructive as they cause more fatalities and damage, the ROP official added. However, in view of the important commercial role that these heavy vehicles play, it becomes absolutely necessary to consider this as a serious issue.

Low risk driving techniques involve speed management, effective vehicle positioning from possible hazards and maintaining space between two vehicles to avoid  a crash, and taking into the reaction and response time.

Road rules
For the heavy vehicle, adhering to road rules also involves sticking within the speed limits (100km/hr for a vehicle that exceeds a GVM of 4.5 tonnes), effective manoeuvrability when crossing or entering intersections, changing lanes, making turns, reversing and overtaking.
Drivers of heavy vehicles should also pay special attention safety signs like Load Limit signs, No Trucks signs, Trucks Must Enter signs, Truck and Bus Lane signs, rules for parking, and stopping and driving of heavy vehicles, the ROP official explained.


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