Modi practising politics of anger: Rahul

BHUJ (Gujarat): In a veiled attack on Chief Minister Narendra Modi, AICC General Secretary Rahul Gandhi accused him of practising "politics of anger" and said it was time people switch to the power of "love", preached by the Mahatma, to ensure progress of Gujarat.

"Common man dreams are not looked is just one man's dream that prevails in the state and who is doing politics of anger," Rahul said without naming Modi.

"What's the problem here....this one man who claims to run Gujarat and having changed the entire state is full of anger....and with anger the state cannot progress ahead," Rahul said, while addressing a rally here ahead of the second phase of polling tomorrow.

The MP from Amethi in t Uttar Pradesh said it was "love of the people" that could help the state progress and not anger.

"This state can only progress ahead with love....a path shown by Mahatma Gandhiji...this is what I wanted to tell you..," Rahul said asking people to vote for a change.


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