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Daihatsu the affordable Japanese vehicles

Muscat: "You see, the very name says it all," remarks Sakina Al Habshi, "Daihatsu represents a wise choice in every way. Japanese technology, unmatched nationwide service and parts support and very affordable price tags. No wonder Daihatsu is a favourite brand for many."

A similar view was expressed by Adil Al Zadjali from Muscat, a Terios owner. "You cannot go wrong with Daihatsu," When we asked why, he substantiated, "Daihatsu is clearly the most practical choice today. For starters, it is a Japanese brand. Secondly, it is a Toyota Group Company so the quality is assured. Thirdly, it is a very economical choice. Thus, why not choose Oman's most economical Japanese Brand?"

Daihatsu's impressive range consists of the Sirion, a compact car that is been appreciated by buyers all over the globe. Available in 1.3 and 1.5 litre variants, the Sirion clearly stands out as the most affordable Japanese car in its class. In today's age of bumper-to-bumper traffic snarls, parking problems and rising expenses, the Sirion is the most practical choice, thanks to its ease of maneuvering, ease in parking, and also its amazing fuel economy. What more, it is easy on the environment too.

Daihatsu also boasts of the Terios fun wheel drive an ideal everyday 4WD compact, economical and fun to drive with a dash of style, offering the customers a quality Japanese SUV at the price of a Sedan. Adding to this impressive line up is the Terios Long Wheel Base 7-seater – which is an ideal and economical family transporter comfortably seating seven - which offers its customers extra space for extra comfort.

Daihatsu's  Gran Max range now with powersteering includes the Versatile MPV, the spacious delivery van and the hardy 1 Tonne Pick Up all built to suit a variety of personal and commercial transportation needs of the customers.


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