Eight card horse racing

A horse race in progress at the Al Felaij Racetrack. Pic: Supplied

Muscat: The seventh race day of the current season will be held at the Al Felaij Racetrack, Barka tomorrow under the auspices of The Royal Horse Racing Club of Royal Court Affairs.
The race day will include eight races, six for Purebred Arabians and two for Thoroughbreds.

The first race over a distance of 1600m for locally bred horses will begin at 2pm. The second race for Pure Arabian horses will be held over the same distance (1600m). The third race is for locally bred horses over 1600m.

The fourth race will be for Pure Arabian horses over 1400m. The fifth race is for thoroughbreds (1400m). The sixth race is for Pure Arabian horses which will be held over 2000m. The seventh race will be for thoroughbreds over a distance of 2000m, and the eight race is for Pure Arabian horses 2000m.


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