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BankDhofar offering special home loan rate

Muscat: BankDhofar offers a four per cent housing loan rate exclusively available to all attendees of the Home Show 2012.

BankDhofar has made this low rate available to encourage our community to invest in the property market and their future. With the lowest housing loan rate in the market, BankDhofar is empowering attendees to own their dream home.

Tony Mahoney, CEO, BankDhofar, said, "Encouraging home ownership is important for the development of Oman. It helps them to take ownership of their futures and to form a secure home environment for their families. At BankDhofar we are striving to develop a culture of home ownership and property investment in Oman.

"We provide the best housing loan rates, we process the loan in just five days and we have banking professionals to guide them through the property buying process. We are giving them the tools and knowledge to get them into their dream home sooner, so that they can have a better future with their family."


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