Biden tasked with crafting gun laws

Joe Biden

Washington: United States Vice-president Joe Biden will lead an effort to craft policies to reduce gun violence in a plan President Barack Obama was to lay out amid calls for action after the massacre of 26 people including 20 children in a Connecticut elementary school.

A priority
Obama was not expected to unveil policy decisions but outline how his administration will proceed, White House aides said. The move could signal that he will make the issue a second-term priority and add momentum to a national debate over tighter gun control laws.

Obama has turned to Biden in the past to take a role in high-profile initiatives, including efforts on a deficit-reduction compromise with congressional Republicans in 2011. The vice president will join Obama for the announcement in the White House briefing room at 1145 EST (1645 GMT).

Biden's mission — to coordinate a strategy among government agencies in the wake of the Newtown, Connecticut shootings — comes days after the mass murder that has generated a national outcry for greater efforts to stem gun violence.

Friday's massacre was the fourth shooting rampage to claim multiple lives in the United States this year.


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