School bus, drivers’ issues discussed

Muscat: The Education and Scientific Research Committee at the Majlis Al Shura held its fourth regular meeting of the second annual sitting of the seventh term (2011-2015) under the chairmanship of Mohammed bin Rashid Al Qanobi, head of the Committee.

The minutes of the second and third meetings held on December 18 and 30, 2012 were approved. A working paper submitted by the Secretariat General of the Majlis Al Shura to prepare its action plan in the light of the Royal Directives of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos bin Said to review the education policies, plans and programmes in the Sultanate were also discussed.

The committee also discussed the reply of the Minister of Education on school buses, including revision of the life span of the bus and age of school bus drivers. The members of the Committee will pay field visits to a number of schools to collect necessary data to complete the study and put forward remedial solutions.

The meeting was briefed on the study conducted by Nima bint Jamil Al Busaidiyah, member of the Majlis Al Shura on the request for the establishment of nurseries in government schools.
The importance of the project lies in increasing number of women working in the Ministry of Education in all governorates of Oman.


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