Adnan Sami’s new album leaked

Adnan Sami who had been gearing up for the release of his new album Press Play after a five-year hiatus, has faced a dampener. His album was leaked online Saturday. Slotted to be released under leading music label Universal Music January 23, the leak has led to great concern.

Adnan was very excited about the release and had also shot teaser videos and a music video as a prelude to the release. He is disappointed. "Saying that putting an album together is hard work, is an understatement. I am deeply saddened and angry that this has happened," Sami said in a statement."It is not just me who is a victim of the crime, but also the team that has helped me put the album together. I sincerely request my fans and all music listeners not to download unauthorised copies of the album and tracks online," he added.


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