LoC tensions: Pakistani performers shown the door

Pakistani artist and rising Bollywood star Ali Zafar was tight-lipped on Tuesday after being told he won't be performing at a musical festival in the Indian city of Pune – this cancellation is the latest cultural casualty of tensions between Pakistan and India along the Line of Control (LoC).Right-wing Indian party Shiv Sena forced organisers to cancel the event which was due to take place on Saturday. The move was followed by the scrapping of a series of events featuring Pakistanis.

Another casualty was Pakistani classical singer Javed Bashir, who had performed in Delhi on Sunday along with the Mekaal Hasan band. After his Monday performance was cancelled, Bashir was quoted by The Times of India as saying, "It's sad to note that shows are being cancelled due to security issues."The news from Mumbai is just as bad. The Mumbai Magicians hockey team, which has four Pakistani players, was asked to send them back in the interest of their own safety.    


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Reader Comments

This was on the cards and those who dont value respect in thier own backyard, deserve to be treated this way. Unfortunately most of our artists dream for bollywood etc but they dont realize that Pakistan is their identity and reason for fame.