Court upholds jail terms for bloggers

Muscat: The Muscat Court of Appeals yesterday upheld the judgment given by the Primary Court ordering one-year imprisonment and OMR1,000 fine for those convicted of slander and violating IT regulations — for abusive and provocative writings.
Those convicted are Usama bin Hamad bin Khalfan Al Toyeah, Ahmed bin Abdullah bin Mohammed Al  Ma'amari, Awadh bin Ali bin Saleem Al Sawafi, Mukhtar bin Mohammed bin Saif Al Hinai, and Ishaq bin Sultan bin Yousef Al Aghbari. The court ordered suspension of the remaining punishment for the latter.
The Appeals Court also affirmed the  judgment given by the Primary Court ordering one-and-a-half-year imprisonment and OMR1,000 fine for abusive and provocative writings against those convicted for slander, IT laws and distorting the status of the State. The accused are Mahmoud bin Mohammed bin Nasser Al Jamodi, Ismaiel bin Ali bin Hamdan Al Miqbali, Hassan bin Khamis bin Mohamed Al Ruqaishi and Ali bin Mubarak bin Khamis Al Hajji.  -ONA


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