Sana wants to do movies her parents understand

Sana Khan second runner-up of Bigg Boss 6, says the reality show has opened Bollywood doors for her and finally she will do movies that her parents would understand. "There were times when I used to work hard to get a southern film. When my first film happened, it just happened and that was the biggest opportunity for me. It gave me a lot of fame in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam — all the four language movies," the 25-year-old said at a party she threw to celebrate 100 days of Bigg Boss 6.

But due to language barrier, her parents couldn't enjoy them.Bigg Boss 6 has given me another platform for Bollywood. My parents used to come and watch my films but they couldn't understand. They used to say, 'Do something that we can understand'," she said and added that after Bigg Boss 6, "my friends call me and ask me to do soemthing in Hindi films".When asked about any Hindi film offers in her kitty, Sana didn't say much. "I don't talk about any project till the time it starts. There are certain things, certain offers but till the time they don't start with lights, camera, action, I don't want to comment on anything," she said.


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