Art show to salute Oman’s heritage

An exhibition of the works of Juma Al Harthy and Mohammed Al Maamari’s will be held at Bank of Beirut’s Al Ghubra branch. Supplied photo

Muscat: The Bait Muzna Gallery would be presenting an enchanting Omani exhibition, Rozna, by Juma Al Harthy and Mohammed Al Maamari, on Tuesday at Bank of Beirut's Al Ghubra branch. 

The exhibition will be inaugurated by Her Highness Sayyida Nawal Al Said.
Rozna is a collection of works illustrating the artists' love and devotion to their homeland and their great source of inspiration, Oman. All paintings showcase Omani motifs. Al Harthy's works depict traditional windows and doors, typical Jabrin fine carvings, and floral, decorative and calligraphic motifs, while Al Maamari focuses on traditional clothing and accessories, as well as lifestyle elements.  

Juma Al Harthy started exploring his creativity in early childhood. Greatly inspired by the Omani heritage, Juma's works incorporate the bits of carved wood found in traditional Omani structures, making his work vividly evocative of Oman. "My focus is directed towards heritage, history and the artistic aspects civilizations," says Juma.

Mohammed Al Maamari started his artistic journey with a lead pencil and soon became a master in drawing light and shadows. Gradually, he took a growing interest in surrealism and calligraphy.

By employing a variety of media and techniques when painting, Mohammed depicts his search for harmony and rhythm in his art. "My paintings are a language made of calligraphic shapes and traditional Islamic and Persian patterns."


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