Activists start hunger strike in Samayl jail

Muscat: Seventeen Omani activists who have been lodged in Samayl Central Prison launched a huger strike yesterday to protest against what they claimed to be a delay in reviewing their appeal by the Supreme Court, Yaqoob Al Harthi, their lawyer, told Times of Oman.

Al Harthi said that the activists will only drink water until their demands are met.
The families of the activists submitted a letter to the Supreme Court demanding speed hearing in their case, informed Al Harthi.

Al Harthi added that he would be paying a visit to the activists in the high security Samayl Prison tomorrow.

The activists have complained that the Supreme Court hearing of their case is being delayed for a long time, said Al Harthi.

Most of these activists who started hunger strike are accused of unlawful assembly and violating the Cyber Law and are serving jail terms from six to
18 months.

So far, eight judges have heard their case but the judgment is yet to be pronounced.
The letter by the activists says they consider themselves to be "prisoners of opinion and expression" and demanded justice from the Supreme Court.

More than 50 bloggers and activists are being held in Samayl prison and are still awaiting the final judgment from the Primary Court.


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