Muscat Festival

Mirazoz Luminarium debut in Oman

As promised, the Muscat Festival organizing committee has enriched this year's festival with many spectacular activities. The immersive inflated domes in Al Amerat Park brought in cooperation with the British Council have made the festival visitors gaze in awe.
The sculptures, called Mirazoz Luminarium, allow people to enter and be moved to a sense of wonder at the splendor of lights and colours inspired from the glamour of Islamic architecture and basic geometry.This first-time entreating and creative show, complemented with pieces of music by David  Pecadilly, opens its doors to visitors everyday from 4.30 pm to 10.30 pm. Those who are interested in having this novel experience are divided into 8 groups at a time, each consisting of 20 persons, where they all move in different domes one by one.

This inspiring voyage through the winding lanes and intersecting passages bring serenity into individuals making them feel more energetic.

Launched in 1992, Mirazoz Lumina has attracted more than 2 million visitors to various displays all over the world. Visitors can come and join the list at a nominal price of 200 baiza.


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