Visa forger arrested in Bausher

Muscat: The Bausher Police Station in Muscat arrested an Asian national for dealing in fake visas.  The Royal Oman Police (ROP) had received information from a person who had inadvertently bought a fake visa for OMR600.

The ROP sleuths immediately, swung into action and arrested the accused from the Muscat Governorate. The accused was also found to be illegally residing in Oman. The ROP has urged people not to get official documents from private parties.

Stolen cars recovered
The Azaiba Police Station has arrested three persons accused of stealing three vehicles in Muscat Governorate. The police had recently received complaints regarding theft of three vehicles while their engines were on, sources said.

The police has recovered all the vehicles. While the first car was recovered from Ghala industrial area, the second was recovered from Muscat area and the third was recovered from the interiors.


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