Court employees go on strike

Muscat: Several Omani court employees went on strike Saturday, demanding the implementation of Royal Decree No 10\2012, which covers the independence of the judiciary and other administrative decisions related to improvement in salaries and labour regulations in the courts.

Courts in Muscat, Ibri, Bidyah, Sohar, Adam and other parts of the Sultanate saw partial and full strikes, with staff refusing to resume work until their demands were met. The employees also refused to disclose the duration of the strike until they received a response from the higher authorities, sources from Ibri court told Times of Oman.

Ahmed Al Gafri, an employee at Ibri court, said the move comes in response to calls via social networks to strike work in courts all across the country. Al Gafri added that the application of laws supporting the judiciary in the Sultanate and separating it from other authorities is a key demand of the court employees.

Meanwhile, most of the pending cases have been suspended except for those related to urgent operational or legal issues and registration proceedings. Other demands of the employees include improvement in wages and the cancellation of grade five in the civil services.


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