This patch knows if you’ve been bad or good to your body

The personal technology industry has concocted many devices to measure a user's daily physical activity, from tiny clips that hang on a pocket to wristbands that convert a phone into a private coach.

BodyMedia is taking a different approach with the Vue Patch, a disposable monitor embedded in an adhesive patch resembling a large Band-Aid. Once glued on, the Vue will collect data on activity levels, sleep patterns and calories burned, day and night, for a week.

The sensor comes in a thin, palm-size strip made to be worn on the arm.
The Vue, which is due in the second half of 2013, will share its information by USB.
Once a week of recording is over, you remove the patch, open it and take out the sensor. There is already an update planned that will use Bluetooth to share information while the patch is still on.

The final price has not been determined, but the company said it should be less than $100.


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