Braveheart - Hamoud Al Dugaishi's battle for life after World Tent Pegging Championship accident

by T.A. Ameerudheen
Photo - Hi Weekly
Oman prays for the speedy recovery of horse rider Hamoud Al Dugaishi, who battles for his life at the Armed Forces Hospital following an accident during last week’s World Tent Pegging Championship
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Mobility @ Comex 2014 - Oman's premier IT show
COMEX 2014, with ‘Mobility’ as its theme, highlights a combination of IT forces – ‘mobile, information, cloud and social’ all under roof at the Oman International Exhibition Centre

Indian Schools' Board of Directors Careman
Wilson George, newly-elected Chairman of the Indian Schools’ Board of Directors, promises a transparent and pro-active approach while dealing with issues that affect students, parents and teachers

Supremacy of the skies - Muscat celebrates kite-flying festival
Around 15,000 revelers converged at Al Sawadi beach last weekend to celebrate Basant Mela, a kite-flying festival organised by the Pakistan Social Club

How long is now?
Yasemin Yilmaz is the artist-in-residence at the Stal Studio where she links ten Omani students with ten German students via social media

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Mobile Strategy
Leaving behind many of its neighbouring nations and other countries in the world, Oman has been quite progressive in formulating mobile strategies for enterprises
Desert Kitchen
You wake up in your tent in the midst of a desert with the tempting aromas of freshly prepared omlette and salads…and you realise the organisers weren’t joking
Academy Interest - Oman's quest for successful sporting model
Should Oman emulate a successful European model or should it follow a tried and tested regional model while setting up the Sultan Qaboos Sports Academy?
Art Connect - German artist Yasemin Yilmaz uses art and internet to create One Global Artwork
Aiming to bring the world a step closer, German artist Yasemin Yilmaz uses art and the internet, to create One Global Artwork.
A Guide to Afghanistan’s 2014 Presidential Election
Will Afghanistan Survive The Aftermath Of Its 2014 Presidential Elections? Will A Former Warlord Or Pro-Western Technocrat Replace Karzai?
Sand Dude
Mohamed Issa Al Zadjali’s tryst with desert crossing continues even after traversing the magnificent Sharqiyah Sands for over 400 times, guiding more than 20,000 adventurers from over 70 countries
Just for laughs
Gullible fun lovers gather around, April Fools’ Day is upon us. Laugh around, fool and be fooled without raising any brows. Let there be fun as the day of buffoonery and fandango arrives on April 1
Homage to Sarah
At the Bait Al Zubair complex, is an exhibition titled Fragments 2: Homage to Sarah by Radhika Khimji. Radhika’s title echoes late Sarah White’s painting called Fragments 2: Homage to Jabreen
Operation summer slim
Don’t you want to look fit and slim and feel good while boarding the flight to your home country or holiday destinations this summer?
The Hockey Family
You come across many families, especially in Muscat, where hockey turns out to be a family sport. All men - fathers, uncles, sons and nephews - played hockey much before the advent of football in Oman
Oman: Geo wonder
‘Oman through times’, where rocks from Oman in different times are displayed. There’s a big table displaying fossils of animals and trees to show what sort of creatures lived in Oman
Light from dark
Turn off all the non-essential lights in your home for one hour on March 29 and unite with 200 million people in over 150 countries for a noble initiative to conserve energy and protect the planet
Chill Pill
Audiopharmacy, the popular Hip-Hop band from San Francisco, visited Muscat this week on an invitation from the Embassy of the United States of America in Oman as part its bilateral cultural exchange
Screen Treat
The 8th Muscat International Film Festival promises a visual treat for film buffs in Oman as more than hundred films will be screened in four theatres from March 23 to 29
It was an action packed week as two world champion bikers, Kenny Belay and Viki Gomez, performed pan Oman, displaying gravity defying acrobats, as part of the Red Bull Bike Tour 2014

Movie Review: Chennai Express
SRK unleashes all his charm and experience over the years into his character and comes up with a winning performance
Expat ban extended for construction and cleaners in Oman's private sector
The decision to extend by six months the ban on expatriate construction workers and housekeeping staff in private sector comes after a review of the labour market
Oman National Computer Emergency Readiness Team issues Heartbleed bug advice
As millions of online users globally worry over the ‘Heartbleed’ bug, an Internet security flaw, Oman National Computer Emergency Readiness Team advise users to upgrade their OpenSSL
Woman jailed for husband’s murder to be freed, deported
An Indian school teacher in Sur, who was jailed last October for stabbing her husband when he was reportedly drunk, will be released and deported in the last week of this month
Nokia launches five new affordable handsets in Oman
The Nokia X family boasts Nokia’s iconic, high quality hardware design in a range of vibrant colours
Ban on dancers and live music at nightclubs in Oman to continue
Ministry of Tourism insists a ban on performances in venues rated lower than four stars in Oman to stay
Yanni casts his musical spell in Chennai
For the music aficionados in Chennai, Yanni’s concert was an opportunity to appreciate some of the greatest instrumental hits performed by Yanni’s troupe of world-class musicians and vocalists
Major firms unfazed over expat labour curbs in Oman
As small time construction companies worry about the extended visa ban on employing expat construction workers for six more months, big companies insist the construction sector will not be affected
Strict rules to regulate sheesha restaurants in Muscat
Stricter regulations are on the way to regulate sheesha restaurants in the Muscat governorate following complaints received from citizens about their increasing numbers in residential areas
Muscat Sheraton flyover construction work set to begin next month
Construction work on the Sheraton flyover project will be started by next month as part of Muscat Municipality’s project to ease traffic flow from Darsait to Wadi Kabir
Family of five to be laid to rest in Oman
An Indian family of five who were killed in a tragic road accident, which also claimed the lives of four nationals, will be laid to rest in Oman
Omani arrested in India returns home
Indian airport police had arrested Al Hadrami for allegedly carrying a 7.62mm rifle bullet inside his razor container. The court agreed to hand over his passport, which led to his return to home
Chennai symphony salutes Yanni
Music maestro Yanni is in Chennai to perform for the Black & White-organised Yanni India concerts. As a curtain raiser to his concert, noted Indian musicians held a show in his honour
Asian arrested at Muscat International Airport for trafficking drugs
A man was arrested at the Muscat International Airport after he was found carrying 104 drug capsules inside his intestines, after the police conducted an X-ray test on him
Raids on Oman expat homes to help catch illegal workers
Authorities plan a slew of measures including tighter controls on work permits and tenancy contracts as part of the new regulations
Facebook versus Jerusalem? An account of Palestinians' everyday life struggle
Every day is a struggle for the Palestinians but they are fearless, determined to keep on living.
Yanni is Yanni, say his fans after Chennai concert
From a fan to a music lover, from a professional musician to the celebrity, Yanni’s live concert in Chennai was an uplifting, inspirational and dream come true evening
Malaysia confirms participation in Oman medical tourism exhibition
The conference, organised by the Ministry of Health, Oman, will provide an opportunity for MHTC to focus on the healthcare travel advantages
Aam Aadmi Party chief forgives autorickshaw driver who slapped him
Arvind Kejriwal visited the residence of the autorickshaw driver who had slapped him at a roadshow in Sultanpuri area of North-west Delhi and the Aam Aadmi Party leader said he has "forgiven" the man
Indian School Darsait plans bus service for better student safety
Buses will have CCTV, GPS tracking, stop arm, speed limiter, rear view camera, anti-skid floors and school bus warning lights