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BORN today, you know better than most who you are and what you are capable of, but even more important is that you also know who you are not and what you are not capable of. This deep, confident self-knowledge is sure to give you a distinct advantage in life, for it will enable you to travel paths that can lead directly to accomplishment and success without making too many mistakes that would keep you from fulfilling your destiny as you envision it. You are a strong, capable individual, endowed with many gifts and talents, and you seem to know how to carry yourself in a wide variety of situations — especially those that others might find difficult or uncomfortable. You always seem to know how you are coming across to others.

While you owe a great deal to those who have gone before and blazed the trails that you are keen to explore, you are never wholly in their debt, for you are always willing and able to put your own unique spin on things and make your efforts true to your own character. You don’t want to be different so much as honest in all you do.

Also born on this date are: Daniel Craig, actor; Jon Bon Jovi, singer and actor; Dr. Seuss, children’s author; Desi Arnaz, actor, producer, bandleader; Karen Carpenter, singer; Lou Reed, singer; Mikhail Gorbachev, Soviet leader; Gates McFadden, actress; Jennifer Jones, actress; Mel Ott, baseball player; Tom Wolfe, author.

The knowledge you gain simply by asking the right questions of the right people will enable you to break free in a way.

You will have a chance to reverse a decision that is doing no one any real good. You knew from the start it was a bad idea!

Every step of the way, you will be required to assess a certain situation from an unusual point of view. Share what you learn.

You may seem to be somewhat ahead of your time. Others will be curious about what makes you tick. A new collaboration begins.

You’ve done many favours recently, but perhaps received few. That’s likely to change, however, as others begin to offer much of value.

You may decide to try doing something in a more traditional way than usual. Ultimately, it offers a lesson, but minimal results.

Why do you want to engage in an activity that doesn’t reward you as expected? Why not? You can benefit from a few surprises!

Your actions today will have quite an impact tomorrow, when others begin to realise what you have really done.

One thing leads to another, as always, but not in the way you intended or expected. There may be room for experimentation.

You can do much to court the favor of someone with whom you have been on the outs for some reason. He or she isn’t really the enemy, you know!

You may be required to judge someone in a rather harsh light, but when the time comes, you can do him or her a big favour.

The tough position you are put in must not be feared. Instead, use it to learn something about yourself — and another, too.