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BORN today, you are often very hard to pin down. This means that others had better be ready to react in any number of ways to the things that you do, for those things are not likely to align completely with any given point of view, agenda or expectation. There are some who would call you a loose cannon, and that term can certainly be applied to you in moments of stress.

When the heat is turned up and things become complex and contentious, you can be wholly unpredictable, mercurial or even downright dangerous! You might want to choose a line of work that allows you a great deal of personal freedom, for like many Virgo natives, you don’t like to be tied down.

When it comes to your closest relationships, you may at times ask a great deal — so much, in fact, that few are likely to maintain a coveted spot within your inner circle as many will tire of your unusual, unpredictable ways. What they don’t know, however, is that you are fiercely loyal, in spite of it all.

Also born on this date are: Charlie Sheen, actor; Shaun White, Olympic snowboarder; Ferdinand Porsche, engineer; Alan Ladd, actor; Valerie Perrine, actress; Eileen Brennan, actress.

You may have to consider several issues that were never all that important to you in the past. Today is different in many interesting ways.

You are getting started on something that can prove quite interesting to others in little time — but much depends on how you spin it!

You cannot be certain about everything, but one thing in particular will make you feel confident and capable.

Mind your manners. Keep doing things in the right way — and in the right order. Follow the rules, and you’ll be rewarded.

The right questions yield the right answers, but coming up with them in the first place may require a great deal of consideration.

What you have to say can be put directly, or you can follow a winding, indirect course of logic and persuasion. You know which is right!

If you’re given a choice between what is easy and what will last, you will soon realise that it’s not a choice at all. Think long term!

You’re fine-tuning a project that you have been working on for quite some time. Now you’re eager to see if that work will pay off.

You may be feeling like a second-class citizen because of the treatment of someone in a position of authority. You needn’t take it!

You can provide much that will exceed the expectations of those who have solicited your help.

Others may be more interested in what you are saying than you are, and you have every reason to be guarded when night is approaching.

You’re waiting to hear what someone else has decided. Don’t let yourself be put at a disadvantage because you’ve had to be idle for too long.