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BORN today, you are endowed with a great many interests that you can, throughout your lifetime, develop into specific talents. These can, in turn, lead to some amazing accomplishments. What interests you most keenly is likely to be that which is quite unusual, rare or unconventional, and you will surely be drawn to those things like a moth to a flame.

The metaphor is quite apt, for the very interests that give your life meaning can also be quite dangerous to you if you fail to use caution and chart your course with great care. You want to avoid self-immolation, surely!

You may not be as capable when it comes to love and other relationships as you are in your work — or even your hobbies. It may be that your communication skills are somewhat lacking, or that you can at times be too self-concerned. Whatever the reason, a lasting love may, for a time, be somewhat elusive.

Also born on this date are: Snoop Dogg, rapper; Viggo Mortensen, actor; Danny Boyle, filmmaker; Tom Petty, singer-songwriter and musician; Jerry Orbach, actor; Mickey Mantle, baseball player; Art Buchwald, humorist; Bela Lugosi, actor; Christopher Wren, architect.

You may not be putting yourself out there as aggressively as you might, but you’ll have a chance to redouble your efforts.

If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem — even if you think you’re steering clear altogether.

Give yourself a break; there’s no reason for you to drive yourself into the ground when you can get things done in a reasonable manner.

A friend or loved one may be looking at you in a new light as a result of a decision you made only yesterday that changes everything.

You can take an old idea and turn it into something new — and far more valuable than it ever was before.

You want to play with winners, not losers, and you have the chance to pick a team that will give you only the best every time.

You may have been waiting a bit too long to get something off the ground at home. Today, the opportunity to get it started is clear.

You’re no daredevil, but you may be required to throw caution to the wind and do something you would otherwise not do.

You can stay the course despite a setback. What is most important is that your intentions are intact and your spirits high.

The situation you find yourself in is likely to require more in the way of daring and chutzpah than you are used to applying.

Don’t let your fear of the unknown keep you from exploring a new option. The person who brought it to you wouldn’t put you in danger!

You know just what must be done, but figuring out how and when to do it may take more than idle thought. Consider all the details!