Social media for professional learning and growth

by Dr. Manishankar Chakraborty
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Social media along with other benefits offered by Internet has provided lot of opportunities and challenges.

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US science leaders to tackle ethics of gene-editing technology
The leading US scientific organisation, responding to concerns expressed by scientists and ethicists, has launched an ambitious initiative to recommend guidelines for new genetic technology.

Google self-driving prototype cars to hit public roads
The move comes after Google's internal testing of the bubble-shaped vehicle over the past year and more extensive experience with Technology adapted for existing cars.

Facebook on iPhone launches 'Instant Articles'
Instant Articles will let stories load more than 10 times faster than standard mobile web articles.

Space radiation may harm astronauts’ brains
Flying people to deep space like Mars or an asteroid is high on NASA’s wish list, but research on mice suggested that extended radiation exposure permanently harms the brain.

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Next-generation plane engines take a ‘LEAP’ towards delivery
If there's one key selling point that aerospace giants Airbus and Boeing have both been using in marketing their new aircraft, it is fuel efficiency.
TomTom CEO says its maps destined for use in self-driving cars
Dutch navigation company TomTom aims to become a main provider of technology for self-driving cars as it charts its way back to success after seven lean years, chief executive Harold Goddijn said.
Americans stream away in shifting TV landscape
Streaming television is now mainstream, although it has not caused many people to cut the cord for traditional pay TV.
Google pairs with European media to boost online journalism
US tech giant Google unveiled a $163 million project with eight European publishers to support online journalism after being accused of anti-competitive behaviour by EU regulators.
Conde Nast eyes digital viewers with virtual reality, scripted shows
The publisher of fashion, culture and lifestyle magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair and GQ, Conde Nast is hoping to draw new consumers and advertisers through the realm of virtual reality.
Technology helps families, friends locate loved ones
At a time when Nepal and parts of India have been convulsed by a devastating earthquake, web technology is turning out to be a boon as distressed family members are able to locate loved ones.
Apple watches go on sale at select upscale boutiques, department stores
Japanese tech-addicts lined up in Tokyo to become the first to buy the Apple Watch from select stores on Friday, but there was no sign of the frenzy that usually accompanies Apple Inc.
Software developers try on Apple watch, see more apps coming
Software developers who tried on an Apple Watch for the first time on Friday predicted a rush of new apps over the next few months, particularly in areas including health and messaging.
For blind bus riders, a new app boosts independence
A new smartphone app helps blind people navigate public transit in the Seattle area.
Facebook admits communication error
The research, published last month, has prompted online anger and questions about the ethics of the research and forced Facebook on the defensive
Cellphone calls, even while wearing a helmet
People are loath to give up their cellphones, even when engaged in sports risky enough to make it wise to use a helmet, like skiing, snowmobiling, motorcycling or bicycling

1,000 illegal expats in Oman caught on airport job
The workers, who were arrested on Wednesday, were found violating the Labour Law, an official said, adding that workers will be deported and the companies fined
Expect water disruption in several parts of Muscat: Oman’s Public Authority for Electricity and Water
Water supply will be disconnected in several parts of Muscat governorates, according to a statement from Public Authority for Electricity and Water.
Passion is the key to success, says Oman's first woman commercial pilot
Azza Said Al Zakwani already has the distinction of being the first Omani female commercial pilot
Illegal expats: Don’t fall prey to crooked agents, says Bangladeshi migrant worker in Oman
Returning empty-handed and pain still visible on his face, the Bangladeshi worker repents falling into the hands of crooked recruitment agents who spoiled his life
Oman weather: Rain, hailstorm in Fanja
The Oman meteorological department had also predicted rain in eastern parts of Muscat and in Batinah.
Students caught smuggling drugs into UAE from Oman, Dubai court told
Prosecutors at the Dubai Criminal Court said American IA, 18, and German AR, 21, brought the drugs into the UAE via Hatta.
What is the law for providing salary to employees who take sick leave for more than a month? Oman legal expert answers
Times of Oman, in association with Khalifa Al Hinai Legal Consultants, will answer the legal queries of readers every Monday. Questions can be sent to readersclub@timesofoman.
Oman weather: Wadis overflow as rain falls in Jabal Shams
Wadis in Jabal Shams are overflowing after rain started to fall this afternoon.
Bus transport plan to end commuter woes in Oman
A master plan for the development of the bus transport system for Oman is expected to be completed in ‘52 weeks'
Indian dhow sinks near Oman coast
An Indian dhow has reportedly sunk in the waters of Salalah on Sunday evening, maritime officials said
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