The fine line of marriage

by Saleh Al Shaibany
Photo - Saleh Al Shaibany
It occurred to me only last week that the institution of marriage is mostly supported by a woman. Men enter it with different objectives although we may not like to admit it
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Call for help, from beyond the grave...
I have only recorded what I and other witnesses heard. It is up to readers to draw their own conclusions but for me the proof is well nigh conclusive

Fear of failure
Fear is a darkroom where negatives develop”. This proverb is very meaningful. And one of the most familiar circumstance one fears to face is failure

Everyday I tell him that I love him
The most successful woman pop star of all time put her career on hold to fight her husband’s cancer

17 days killing spree
Barry Peter Prudom was a former Royal Marine commando and multiple murderer who became the subject of a police manhunt

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Brain healthy diet
While there is no special diet required for people with Alzheimer's disease, eating a well-balanced, nutritious diet is extremely beneficial
Spying on a grown-up world at home
Family is the North Star for Mona Simpson’s characters: It defines who they are, chaperones their choices, shapes their views of the world
A bolt from the blue
The recent devastating news of my friend’s son’s demise has been indeed a bolt from the blue.
Romance: The ‘other woman’ a wife didn’t mind...
Robert De Niro divorced her over 30 years ago — but their friendship was as strong as ever
Stranger than fiction: Strange tragedy of the carbon-copy wives...
I wished I had the courage to take my own life and be with Elaine again, but I just couldn’t do it. I could see no point in living without her
Book Review: The 16th Century’s Line of Fire
Bertrand Russell once wrote that mathematics had a “beauty cold and austere.” In this new book, the historian Amir Alexander shows that mathematics can also become entangled in ugliness hot and messy
Crime: Where is Kate Prout?
On a cold November afternoon in 2007, Kate Prout disappeared as suddenly and completely as if she had walked off the planet
Remedies for Rheumatoid Arthritis
Natural oils in everyday foods can keep your joints moving smoothly when rheumatoid arthritis starts to slow down
Last day at work
It is funny how you could clear your office station in five minutes with things you put there for five years.
A Visit to the Pearl of the Indian Ocean
Though it’s just a four-hour flight from Muscat, Sri Lanka seems like another world. Fondly referred to as the “Pearl of the Indian Ocean”
Love-child secret of Hollywood’s gypsy queen
For 18 years a Hollywood love affair remained a deadly secret. Not even the son of Gypsy Rose Lee was allowed to know the identity of his father...
Mystery of death in the cards...
“As soon as Johnny spread out the cards he looked disturbed and said to a pilot named Bill Parsons who was sitting next to him: ‘I don’t think we should go on with this.’
Sharp truths only fiction can tell
Book review: ‘Living in the Land of Limbo: Fiction and Poetry About Family Caregiving’
Murder Hunt: Sharon Malone last seen November 1999
A man who made an emotional TV appeal for the return of his missing wife actually had something else in mind..
Never mind the tears
Onions might make you cry, but they certainly don’t give you any reason to be sad. On the contrary, they offer a bounty of health benefits along with the tears

Movie Review: Chennai Express
SRK unleashes all his charm and experience over the years into his character and comes up with a winning performance
Oman Ministry of Health medical staff upbeat over salaries
The Ministry of Health had made certain changes in the grades of medical and paramedical staff and increased their salaries with effect from February 6 this year
Oman reports 64 H1N1 cases in April
Sixty-four cases of H1N1 infections were recorded in Oman in April, according to an official source at the Ministry of Health
No change in Oman's driving licence rules; men will have to learn on manual gears only
Men will have to continue learning on manual gear shifts to obtain driving licences in Oman, the Royal Oman Police has clarified
Omani citizens with less than OMR800 salary eligible for Marriage Fund
Unmarried Omanis whose salary is less than OMR800 will be eligible for grant of OMR4,000 from the Marriage Fund
Traffic accidents in Muscat Expressway, Al Khabourah claim 2 lives
Four persons were rescued from their vehicles after flash floods hit wadis
Oman weather: Flash floods as heavy rain lashes parts of the Sultanate
Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance has urged citizens and residents not to approach the Wadi Diqah dam
Oman’s population passes landmark figure
Citizens constitute 55.8 per cent, while expatriates make up 44.2 per cent of total population
UEFA Champions League semifinal: Atletico ready for Chelsea
Chelseas boss Jose Mourinho won his first 8 meetings against Atletico Madrid in a three-year spell in charge of Real Madrid
Oman weather: Rains trigger floods in wadis
A number of governorates in Oman received heavy rainfall on Tuesday, which led to flooding in some wadis
Omani arrested in India returns home
Indian airport police had arrested Al Hadrami for allegedly carrying a 7.62mm rifle bullet inside his razor container. The court agreed to hand over his passport, which led to his return to home
Chennai symphony salutes Yanni
Music maestro Yanni is in Chennai to perform for the Black & White-organised Yanni India concerts. As a curtain raiser to his concert, noted Indian musicians held a show in his honour
Yanni casts his musical spell in Chennai
For the music aficionados in Chennai, Yanni’s concert was an opportunity to appreciate some of the greatest instrumental hits performed by Yanni’s troupe of world-class musicians and vocalists
'Shouldn't we move?' Ferry evacuation under scrutiny
National shock at a ferry disaster that may have killed hundreds of South Korean schoolchildren was mixed with fury over growing evidence that many passengers were denied a proper chance to escape
Last day at work
It is funny how you could clear your office station in five minutes with things you put there for five years.
Yanni is Yanni, say his fans after Chennai concert
From a fan to a music lover, from a professional musician to the celebrity, Yanni’s live concert in Chennai was an uplifting, inspirational and dream come true evening
Facebook versus Jerusalem? An account of Palestinians' everyday life struggle
Every day is a struggle for the Palestinians but they are fearless, determined to keep on living.
UEFA Champions League semifinal: Atletico ready for Chelsea
Chelseas boss Jose Mourinho won his first 8 meetings against Atletico Madrid in a three-year spell in charge of Real Madrid
Omantel IPO subscription seen at OMR100m
The official said the market regulator is waiting for allotment proposal from issue managers and will try to finalise allotment soon.
New minibus plan to beat Muscat gridlock
The minibuses will travel point-to-point from Muttrah to Seeb and bus stations will be set up at different locations in the city