Travel: Portland, experience the weird wonders of this west coast city

by Nicola Trup/The Independent
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With new flights, it’s easier to experience the weird wonders of this West Coast city

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1,000 illegal expats in Oman caught on airport job
The workers, who were arrested on Wednesday, were found violating the Labour Law, an official said, adding that workers will be deported and the companies fined
Expect water disruption in several parts of Muscat: Oman’s Public Authority for Electricity and Water
Water supply will be disconnected in several parts of Muscat governorates, according to a statement from Public Authority for Electricity and Water.
Illegal expats: Don’t fall prey to crooked agents, says Bangladeshi migrant worker in Oman
Returning empty-handed and pain still visible on his face, the Bangladeshi worker repents falling into the hands of crooked recruitment agents who spoiled his life
Passion is the key to success, says Oman's first woman commercial pilot
Azza Said Al Zakwani already has the distinction of being the first Omani female commercial pilot
Students caught smuggling drugs into UAE from Oman, Dubai court told
Prosecutors at the Dubai Criminal Court said American IA, 18, and German AR, 21, brought the drugs into the UAE via Hatta.
Oman weather: Wadis overflow as rain falls in Jabal Shams
Wadis in Jabal Shams are overflowing after rain started to fall this afternoon.
Oman roads: What is the solution to the gridlock in Muscat?
With most major roads in the heart of Muscat built in 1970s and 1980s and improved thereafter to ease road traffic on temporary basis, there is need for a long-term solution to the gridlock
Opportunity for Oman's Jebel Al Akhdar residents to work on Omran farms
The project aims to provide farmers of Jebel Al Akhdar community a platform to grow produce that does not grow naturally on the mountainside due to adverse environment and geographical characteristics
Education system in Oman needs to be revised, says expert
Good results have been achieved in a number of sectors such as banking and oil and gas, but Omanisation rates need to be increased in industrial and hospitality sectors and a number of other fields,
What is the law for providing salary to employees who take sick leave for more than a month? Oman legal expert answers
According to Oman labour law an employee is entitled to a maximum of 10 weeks’ sick leave during a year and the sickness shall be “certified”
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