How to add five years to your life: Half an hour of exercise six days a week

by Giles Sheldrick/Daily Express
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Just 30 minutes of exercise six days a week is enough to cut the risk of an early death by 40 per cent, a study shows

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What you need to know about milk teeth in children
Milk teeth are called so due to their white colour which resembles the colour of milk...

Healthy eating plan to beat diabetes
Right food choices can keep both your weight and blood sugar down and regular exercise go a long way toward keeping you fit

Plant-based diet helps beat diabetes
Millions of people with diabetes should eat a vegetarian diet to help reverse the killer condition, doctors say

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Too much junk food leads to memory loss: study
An American study has revealed clear results on memory impairment
Irregular heart rhythm during surgery tied to stroke risk
A large new U.S. study finds that people who developed irregular heart rhythms during hospital stays for surgery were more likely to have a stroke later on.
Reassuring news on cancer risk from IVF drugs - study
A long-term study of women who used ovary-stimulating hormones for fertility treatment found no widespread evidence of a higher cancer risk, researchers said on Monday.
One foreign health worker dies, five infected with Middle East Respiratory Syndrome in UAE
WAM said the six were all first aid service personnel from the Philippines working with the UAE Interior Ministry in the city of Al Ain.
Another Saudi MERS death raises kingdom toll to 67
Saudi health authorities announced another death caused by the MERS virus in Riyadh, bringing the nationwide toll to 67
Down Syndrome-hit children in Oman need support
The exact number of children afflicted with Down Syndrome in Oman is not known yet but the number keeps rising
Passive smoking causes irreversible damage to kids' arteries
Exposure to second-hand smoke in childhood causes irreversible damage to children's arteries - increasing their risk of heart attacks or strokes when they grow up
Tuna study reveals oil pollution causes heart problems
The reason people have more heart attacks when air pollution levels rise may have been revealed by a study on the impact of the BP oil spill on tuna, scientists said
More evidence e-cigs may help in quitting tobacco
Electronic cigarette users followed over a year reduced or quit using tobacco cigarettes in large numbers and were less prone to resume smoking, at least in the short term.
HIV drugs may get new role in fighting cancer
A type of HIV medicine that stops the AIDS virus from entering immune system cells could in future be put to work against cancer in new combination therapies being developed by drug companies.
Experts urge renewed push on US-Thai HIV vaccine
Health experts on Thursday called for trials of an HIV vaccine under development in Thailand to be speeded up following recent setbacks in other efforts to end the AIDS epidemic.
Studies say Halal meat is healthier
Studies have shown that halal slaughter protects consumers from many diseases
Ten million more people advised to take HIV drugs: UN
The UN agency's previous treatment guidelines, set down in 2010, called for drug initiation when the tally of CD4 cells -- the key immune cells targeted by HIV -- reached 350 cells or less per microlitre of blood.
People with HIV suffer increased risk of heart attacks
Being HIV-positive raises a person's heart attack risk by about 50 percent, said a study released Monday that confirms earlier findings. The study looked at 82,459 US veterans, the vast majority of them men
The fight against childhood obesity
Children across the world are becoming overweight and it is of serious concern to medical professionals

Oman accident: Four nationals die in Izki car collision
Four Omanis, including an eight-year-old child, were killed in a head-on collision between two cars in Izki on Wednesday, said a reliable source at the Izki Hospital.
Grieving father’s beach safety plea to parents in Oman
On the day he learned his little girl Marwa, 3, had drowned, her father had a message for all amid his grief
Mid-day break announced for workers in Oman
Mid day break for those who work in the sun will begin soon
Update: Girl swept away by waves in Oman beach's body found
Three year old Marwa's body who was swept away by the waves when playing on a beach in the wilayat of Shinas on Sunday has been found
Oman weather: Meteorological department monitors Arabian Sea for signs of tropical depression
Developments in the Arabian Sea is being monitored by us. So far, there are no chances of tropical depression, said an official from Oman meteorological department
Police chase did not cause Oman accident which killed four, insists ROP
The source confirmed that the incident file will be forwarded to the public prosecutor to complete the investigation.
Abu Dhabi health authorities link Mers case to Oman
On Wednesday, Health Authority Abu Dhabi said a second person had been diagnosed with Mers, but declined to give further details.
Egypt's ousted president Morsi faces new espionage trial on February 15
Egypt's ousted president Mohamed Morsi faces a new espionage trial on February 15 for allegedly leaking "classified documents" to Qatar and Al Jazeera television, a judicial source said on Monday
Oman's expatriate worker population rises to 1.6 million
This number recorded an increase rate of 0.6 per cent compared to the figures logged last March, which reached 1,594,464 expatriate workers
Royal Oman Police says that life jackets a must for children at beach
Most drowning accidents occur as parents do not monitor their children who are playing on the beach
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