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BORN today, you know how to navigate quite well through life, adjusting here and there, flexing your muscles where you must, negotiating with both supporters and critics to further your own causes and charting a course that winds almost freely through the obstacles that life puts in your way.

You have a kind of relaxed outlook that will serve you well at all times, but especially when things get tough. Never one to react violently to anything, you look upon both good and bad fortune as inevitable, and you have learned to learn from anything that comes your way and to use it to your advantage when next you can. You are an admirable person, with a deep and positive soul.

Your creativity comes out in unusual ways, and not always in ways that are recognised as creative. You know how to follow the rules, and you will do so in such a faithful manner that this almost becomes unique to you. Ultimately, it is your faith in yourself that allows you to prevail when others might not.

Also born on this date are: Sophia Loren, actress; Anne Meara, actress; Gary Cole, actor; Upton Sinclair, author; Guy Lafleur, hockey player; Debbi Morgan, actress; Kristen Johnston, actress.

What begins slowly will speed up considerably, just when you were ready to relax and enjoy the ride. Be ready for anything!

You’ll be pulled into something that you can never fully grasp, but you can prevail simply because you’re more instinctive than others.

You understand why someone close to you is trying to maintain more distance than usual, but it doesn’t make the situation any easier.

Decisions you make based on assumptions will certainly cause you more difficulty than usual. It’s time to get the facts.

You will want your comments to “land” today, which means timing them perfectly and choosing your words with great care.

Someone else may be trying to assert himself in a way that encroaches on your territory. Make your presence and desires known.

You have more to learn than you may suppose, but if you keep your eyes and ears open, it will happen as a matter of course.

You may be going through something of a change at this time, but you are not ready just now to give up on certain set ways.

You’re after something that will make you proud, but perhaps you should look within rather than without for the greatest satisfaction.

You’ll be pulled into something that forces you to see things in a different way, but this new attitude needn’t be permanent, by any means.

A key issue proves elusive. You may have to explore many outlets before you begin to appreciate what is at your own core at this time.

You may not react well to something you recognise in a friend or loved one, but only because it’s something you also recognise in yourself.