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BORN today, you are bound to make the most of your copious talents, provided you do not become complacent or lazy, but rather insist on pushing yourself to the limit as often as possible. If you live on the edge, you will surely explore all you have to offer and develop your abilities to their fullest possibly potential. Of course, the flip side is that living on the edge in such a way can actually be quite dangerous, and those dangers are often difficult to recognise or anticipate. Indeed, it is not likely that anything external will ever threaten your well-being; rather, it will be internal forces that threaten to tear you apart in some way, perhaps physically, perhaps emotionally — perhaps both!

You can work well with a partner, but you’re not happy working from the back seat. You want to be front and center, and though you don’t have to make all the key decisions, you do want to be the one to implement them if possible. You can, at times, be a bit too hungry for attention and recognition.

Also born on this date are: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, composer; Lewis Carroll, author; Donna Reed, actress; Mimi Rogers, actress; Mikhail Baryshnikov, ballet dancer and actor; Sir Francis Drake, sea captain and explorer; Troy Donahue, actor; Alan Cumming, actor; Rosamund Pike, actress; Bridget Fonda, actress; John Roberts, chief justice of the US Supreme Court; Jerome Kern, composer; James Cromwell, actor.

You may impress someone with your ability to anticipate his or her emotional responses. Indeed, you are unusually perceptive!

You’re likely to be making many rules for yourself and others, and you must be sure to stick to them yourself, as an example.

What happens to you early in the day will surely affect you later on — but in ways that defy expectation or, for now, comprehension.

Two seemingly random and unrelated events conspire to put you in a new position that affords you an advantageous view.

You’re waiting to hear from someone in charge whether you have completed a job to his or her satisfaction. News may come that surprises you.

Two seemingly random and unrelated events conspire to put you in a new position that affords you an advantageous view.

It’s a good day to accept what another offers, even though it may not fulfill all of your expectations. Compromise is beneficial.

It’s not necessary for you to be everywhere at once; you can arrange things quite well from the comfort of your own home.

You’ll realize that what you are trying to do may not have the intended effect. Consider making a recommended change.

You may have to do more early in the day as a result of a schedule change that was simply unavoidable. Someone else’s business comes first.

Others may believe your preferences are vague, but the fact is that you’re after something very specific. You must make this known.

You can’t expect those around you to read your mind — even those who know you best. You must be willing to engage in honest talk.