Will mass arrests of expat 'delay’ the new airport in Oman?

by Yusuf Mohammed Balushi
The Minister of Transport and Communications said that the contractor has already started hiring new legal workers to replace those arrested. Photo-Times of Oman
As revealed by on Sunday, more than 1,000 expatriate employees were arrested for working illegally on the new terminal being built at Muscat International Airport project.

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Oman weather: Rain, hailstorm in Fanja
The Oman meteorological department had also predicted rain in eastern parts of Muscat and in Batinah.

Indian dhow sinks near Oman coast
An Indian dhow has reportedly sunk in the waters of Salalah on Sunday evening, maritime officials said

Sea turtles head to Oman beach for nesting
The Ras Al Hadd sanctuary is the favourite nesting site for green turtles of the Indian Ocean.

SMS scams and what to look out for in Oman
When I see an SMS or email telling me I’ve won 20,000 Rials when I haven’t entered any competitions, my curiosity never gets the better of me and I delete the offending message.

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Oman to have teachers' training at A’Rustaq College
A resolution to this effect was adopted at Oman Education Council’s second meeting this year
Oman's Majlis Al Shura Office reviews services, social panel’s report
Majlis Al Shura Office on Monday held its 13th regular meeting of the fourth annual sitting (2014-2015) of the 7th term under the chairmanship of its Chairman Khalid bin Hilal Al Ma’awali
Fine result by students of Indian School Nizwa
The Indian School Nizwa students have registered outstanding results in the Class XII examinations.
Oman's Sayyid Haitham leaves for Russia
His Highness Sayyid Haitham bin Tariq Al Said, Minister of Heritage and Culture, yesterday headed for the Russian Federation at the invitation of the Russian Minister of Culture
Seeb school students on top of world
The students of Indian School Al Seeb have made their school and parents proud with an outstanding performance in the Central Board of Secondary Education
Spotlight on Oman in ROHM play on Ibn Battuta
The play Ibn Battuta portrays Oman in Ibn Battuta’s time and the metamorphosis it has undergone
Indian School Muladha students do well in Class 12 examination
All 83 students who appeared for the Class XII CBSE examinations from the Indian School Muladha registered a pass percentage
Indian School Darsait students fare well in CBSE exam
The Class XII students of the Indian School Darsait produced a good result in the CBSE examination.
Korean to Oman's envoy friendship recipe: Dish out cooking skills
Kimchi, or fermented cabbage, is South Korea’s national dish and as a way to share his country’s culture, Ambassador Daesik Kim hosted a kimchi-making class at his residence on Monday morning
Hard work pays for Indian School Wadi Kabir students
The students of Indian School Wadi Kabir have emerged with flying colours in the Class XII of the CBSE conducted in March 2015
More than 215,000 visit Oman pavilion
Of the 4.5 million people who visited the 2015 Expo Milan exhibition, nearly 215,000 people visited the Sultanate’s pavilion
Indian School Ghubra sets new benchmark of success
A wave of joy resounded in the corridors of the Indian School Ghubra at the stupendous achievement of the students in the CBSE for the year 2014-2015
Indian School Muscat students march ahead
Indian School Muscat students performed well this year too, with 101 of the 470 students securing above 90 per cent.
Oman's Dar Al Atta’a honours Let’s Read winners
Winners of Dar Al Atta’a Let’s Read 9th Children’s Writing Competition were honoured at a prize giving ceremony at Al Qurum Complex on Saturday
VIDEO: Expat arrests in Oman will 'not delay' new airport & other stories

1,000 illegal expats in Oman caught on airport job
The workers, who were arrested on Wednesday, were found violating the Labour Law, an official said, adding that workers will be deported and the companies fined
Expect water disruption in several parts of Muscat: Oman’s Public Authority for Electricity and Water
Water supply will be disconnected in several parts of Muscat governorates, according to a statement from Public Authority for Electricity and Water.
Oman weather: Rain, hailstorm in Fanja
The Oman meteorological department had also predicted rain in eastern parts of Muscat and in Batinah.
Students caught smuggling drugs into UAE from Oman, Dubai court told
Prosecutors at the Dubai Criminal Court said American IA, 18, and German AR, 21, brought the drugs into the UAE via Hatta.
What is the law for providing salary to employees who take sick leave for more than a month? Oman legal expert answers
Times of Oman, in association with Khalifa Al Hinai Legal Consultants, will answer the legal queries of readers every Monday. Questions can be sent to readersclub@timesofoman.
Oman weather: Wadis overflow as rain falls in Jabal Shams
Wadis in Jabal Shams are overflowing after rain started to fall this afternoon.
Oman National Transport Company signs pact with Dutch firm to purchase 40 low-floor buses
Addition of the new buses to the existing fleet will help enhance the public transport in the city, said chief executive officer of Oman National Transport Company
Bus transport plan to end commuter woes in Oman
A master plan for the development of the bus transport system for Oman is expected to be completed in ‘52 weeks'
Indian dhow sinks near Oman coast
An Indian dhow has reportedly sunk in the waters of Salalah on Sunday evening, maritime officials said
More than 50 drivers join new taxi booking application in Oman
OTaxi, a first-of-its-kind initiative in Oman, was downloaded 700 times in the first two days since its launch at COMEX 2015,
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