Are Facebook friends our real friends?

by Compiled by Swati Dasgupta
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‘I have 935 friends on Facebook, but only 5 in real life’. Are you one of them? Are real friends so hard to find in real life?

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Although I don’t believe in astrology, I am keen to listen to the way fortune-tellers present the future and blessings for doing good things in life

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Taiwan, a well-kept healthcare secret
With its advance facilities and professional staff, Taiwan has a lot to offer for those who are exploring less expensive options for high quality treatment, ELHAM POURMOHAMMADI reports

Oman Eid accidents death toll hits 10 after two nationals killed in Adam road crash
According to sources in Adam, two Omani nationals died in the road accident which involved a four-wheel drive vehicle and a saloon car
Oman road accident: Expat killed, several injured in Eid car crash near Ibra
Earlier in the day, seven Omanis, including a two-year-old girl, were killed on the road to Salalah between Gaba and Haima
Netanyahu vows to crush Gaza tunnels; US restocks Israel with ammunition
The United States confirmed Wednesday it had restocked Israel's supplies of ammunition, hours after finally sharpening its tone to condemn an attack on a United Nations school in Gaza
Salman’s ‘Kick’ a runaway hit in Oman
The recently released action, thriller and comedy film Kick, by producer Sajid Nadiadwala, is running to packed houses in various theatres in Muscat
Movie Review: Chennai Express
SRK unleashes all his charm and experience over the years into his character and comes up with a winning performance
Israeli aggression in Gaza pushes death toll to 1,374 on day 24 of conflict
The raids came a day after two tank shells slammed into the school, killing 16 people in an attack denounced as "reprehensible" by UN chief Ban Ki-moon.
Omani students explore BAE Systems’ facility
The Insight Day at BAE Systems gave Omani students in UK an opportunity to learn more about how a defence mega corporation operates
Gas blast in Taiwan kills 24, injures 271, topples buildings
Kaohsiung authorities set up an emergency centre to be staffed by servicemen coordinating the rescue operation.
Israel, Hamas agree to three-day Gaza truce
The truce was announced in a joint statement released by US Secretary of State John Kerry and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.
Sierra Leone declares emergency as Ebola death toll hits 729
The jump in the number of cases and the death toll has raised international concern and placed poor health facilities in the region under strain.
Movie Review: Chennai Express
SRK unleashes all his charm and experience over the years into his character and comes up with a winning performance
Oman road accident: Seven killed in crash near Haima
An ROP source confirmed that a police team along with choppers was pressed into service for the rescue operation.
Oman road accident: Seven killed in crash near Haima
An ROP source confirmed that a police team along with choppers was pressed into service for the rescue operation.
Indian Parliament debates Gaza
Congress leader Ghulam Nabi Azad slammed the government for not taking up the Gaza issue last week
Fire at a fuel station in Mawaleh creates panic (video)
Fire at a fuel station in Mawaleh created alarm in the area, late Sunday night
Untold suffering in Gaza City
From inside Gaza a father tells his powerful story to Times of Oman. Read his words and weep
His Majesty issues Royal Order for Renaissance Day holiday; Eid holidays announced for public, private sectors in Oman
The statement released by the Ministry said that the owners of businesses and workers can agree for compensation for work during these holidays
Oman Road Safety Association celebrates Qaranqashow with message of road safety
ORSA recently organised awareness activities at the Shangrila Barr Al Jissa Hotel and Resort, celebrating Qaranqashow with the aim of raising awareness among children and families while using roads
Oman calls for united Arab action to end Israeli agression, alleviate suffering of Palestinians
Majlis Al Shura Chairman Al Ma’awali calls for united Arab action to end the Israeli aggression and alleviate the sufferings of the Palestinians
His Majesty’s website wins laurels
The website highlights His Majesty’s achievements during the past four decades, and contributions as a visionary leader in shaping policies, both at regional and global levels
Ignorance of law is no excuse for complaint: Oman legal expert
Times of Oman, in association with Khalifa Al Hinai Legal Consultants, will answer the legal queries of readers every Monday. Questions can be sent to
Search for AIDS cure pushes ahead despite setbacks
Scientists on Saturday vowed to press ahead with their quest for a cure for AIDS, despite losing a veteran colleague and suffering a setback in research.