Milan moments

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Italy's fashion capital is also home to a network of canals perfected by Leonardo da Vinci
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Back to Bucharest
Once known as the 'Paris of the East', the Romanian capital is at last rediscovering its former glory

Glorious Hyderabad
This magnificent southern Indian city won't stay off the tourist map for long

Madrid: Spain's handsome capital
Things are heating up in the Spanish capital, with a packed cultural calendar for spring

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Back to Bucharest
Once known as the 'Paris of the East', the Romanian capital is at last rediscovering its former glory
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Gothic spires, majestic castles, renaissance palaces and winding cobbled streets of Prague, the capital of Czech Republic holds an irresistible allure.
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The wonderful climate and beautiful sites, makes this the ideal time to visit Australia's dramatic harbour city
Magical Malta
Spend a day in and around Valletta, the historic capital of this Mediterranean nation, then explore deeper into the Maltese islands
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Experience the untouched beauty of the surreal Spiti Valley and the simple ways of life in the small villages of the Himalayas
Top 5 Eid destinations 2013
Whether you choose to stay within the region or travel abroad, here are the top five Eid destinations for 2013
Give me Moor
Jet off to southern Spain and experience Granada
Edinburgh Athens of the North
Scotland's beautiful capital is packed with culture and intrigue. To see it at its best go now
New York - the city that never sleeps
This is still the city that never sleeps – whether you are tumbling out of a club at 6am into a bodega for a burrito and a coffee, or seeing the sun come up after a rooftop warehouse party in Brooklyn. When things heat up, the locals leave in droves, heading to the coastal resorts of Long Island or upstate.
A feast for the senses
From the moment one drives over the mountain from Dibba, the Six Senses Zighy Bay experience begins, taking one’s breath away
Ras Al Jinz provides haven to turtles
The Ras Al Jinz turtle reserve is fast becoming one of the most sought-after sites for turtle watching. June to August is usually peak breeding season, but in Oman, turtles come to lay their eggs throughout the year
Trekking amidst roses in Jabal Akhdar
The temperature may be constantly on the rise here, but nonetheless, the flowers are still in full bloom. Recently a very excited group of expatriates took a trip to Jabal Akhdar to admire the fragrant roses in this picturesque landscape
Bandar Al Khyran: Get into rewind mode
A wonderfully quiet respite from the hustle and bustle of every day life
Beaches viewing the richness of Sultanate
Oman is a country blessed with massive natural beauty and environmental diversity. Its enormous beauty attracts people from all over the world.
Nigeria's new train offers a long, strange and welcomed trip
Before his 30-hour train journey to northern Nigeria began, David Adedamola had been excited to ride the just-revived service, but after half a day of creaking and rattling, he was craving a drink

Sony tops console sales in the US, beats Microsoft for third month
Sony fended off the hot-selling new release for the Xbox One, the ‘Titanfall’ shooter game, and more competitive pricing for Microsoft’s product, such as a $450 package at some stores
Movie Review: Chennai Express
SRK unleashes all his charm and experience over the years into his character and comes up with a winning performance
New minibus plan to beat Muscat gridlock
The minibuses will travel point-to-point from Muttrah to Seeb and bus stations will be set up at different locations in the city
High net-worth Omanis target of US immigrant visa programme
EB-5 programme enables a foreign national to secure a green card, which offers permanent residency for himself, as well as for his family (children up to 21 years), by making an investment of $500,000
Facebook adds new feature for finding ‘Nearby Friends’
Consumers can customise the tool, called Nearby Friends, to see a certain group of people for a set period of time, or turn it off completely, the Menlo Park, California-based company said
Obamacare enrollees urged to change passwords over Heartbleed bug
Americans with accounts on President Barack Obama's health insurance enrollment website,, were advised that their passwords had been reset to guard against the "Heartbleed" bug
Sharjah stadium back in limelight
Khan, the long-standing administrator of the Emirates Cricket Board said with the IPL already underway in the UAE, the Sharjah stadium is back in the limelight
Movie Review: 2 States
Directed by debutante Abhishek Varman, 2 States is an all out entertainer and keeps you smiling throughout its duration.
A banal, life-threatening crash - F1 winning legend Michael Schumacher lost in coma
Schumacher was reportedly talking to the rescue team that put him into the helicopter, but doctors put him into an induced coma to combat swelling around the brain
Sunday Beat: Foreign ownership property laws in Oman need better regulations
The government had promised to set up the Associations since 2010, but nothing has been done. Property developers are not keen to allow their tenants to form associations
Family of five to be laid to rest in Oman
An Indian family of five who were killed in a tragic road accident, which also claimed the lives of four nationals, will be laid to rest in Oman
Omani arrested in India returns home
Indian airport police had arrested Al Hadrami for allegedly carrying a 7.62mm rifle bullet inside his razor container. The court agreed to hand over his passport, which led to his return to home
Chennai symphony salutes Yanni
Music maestro Yanni is in Chennai to perform for the Black & White-organised Yanni India concerts. As a curtain raiser to his concert, noted Indian musicians held a show in his honour
Asian arrested at Muscat International Airport for trafficking drugs
A man was arrested at the Muscat International Airport after he was found carrying 104 drug capsules inside his intestines, after the police conducted an X-ray test on him
Yanni casts his musical spell in Chennai
For the music aficionados in Chennai, Yanni’s concert was an opportunity to appreciate some of the greatest instrumental hits performed by Yanni’s troupe of world-class musicians and vocalists
Raids on Oman expat homes to help catch illegal workers
Authorities plan a slew of measures including tighter controls on work permits and tenancy contracts as part of the new regulations
Facebook versus Jerusalem? An account of Palestinians' everyday life struggle
Every day is a struggle for the Palestinians but they are fearless, determined to keep on living.
New minibus plan to beat Muscat gridlock
The minibuses will travel point-to-point from Muttrah to Seeb and bus stations will be set up at different locations in the city
Yanni is Yanni, say his fans after Chennai concert
From a fan to a music lover, from a professional musician to the celebrity, Yanni’s live concert in Chennai was an uplifting, inspirational and dream come true evening
Malaysia confirms participation in Oman medical tourism exhibition
The conference, organised by the Ministry of Health, Oman, will provide an opportunity for MHTC to focus on the healthcare travel advantages