CNN-Times of Oman Exclusive: Do conflicts damage tourism in the Middle East?

by CNN
Photo by Marketplace Middle East
Volatility and violence in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya has stunted the growth of tourism in the Middle East and North Africa.

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CNN-Times of Oman Exclusive: Do conflicts damage tourism in the Middle East?
Volatility and violence in Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya has stunted the growth of tourism in the Middle East and North Africa.
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Muscat water crisis: Public Authority for Electricity and Water postpones pipeline transfer
The transfer of pipelines, which will connect the expanded parts of Barka plant, was scheduled to be carried out on Thursday.
Illegal expat workers still being hired on the streets of Oman despite mass arrests
Just days after the mass arrest of 1,000 expats on the Muscat airport project, the Times of Oman found hundreds are still queuing daily for illegal work.
Hard work pays, says Indian CBSE Class XII examination topper in Oman
Archana C M, an Indian School Sohar student who scored 491 out of 500 in CBSE Class XII examinations, believes consistent effort ensured her success
Saudi Arabia car blast: Three killed in Damman mosque bombing claimed by IS militant group
The suicide bomber -- disguised in women's clothing -- detonated his device at the entrance to the mosque during Friday prayers, the official Saudi Press Agency cited a ministry spokesman as saying.
Oman accident: Man dies after he falls into a well in Barka
A man died after he fell into a well at Hay Assim wilayat of Barka on Thursday morning, according to the Public Authority for Civil Defence and Ambulance (PACDA)
Yemen crisis: Houthi rebels kill Sanaa's governor, claim relatives
Abdulghani Jamil and his nephew Nasr Jamil "died of wounds sustained during late Thursday clashes between the governor's aides and Houthi militiamen", the sources said.
Oman government has spent OMR1.7 billion so far on Duqm infrastructure
SEZAD is keen on providing facilities to investors, whether from inside or outside the Sultanate, said Ismail bin Ahmed Al Balushi, deputy CEO of SEZAD
Iranian carmaker suggests assembly unit in Oman
Proposal was made by Iran Khodro Industrial Group when officials from Oman Investment Fund visited Tehran
Omani photographer ‘clicks’ with subject before clicking camera
Ahmed Al Shukaili’s latest exhibition, ‘Glistens with Grey’, opened at the Omani-French Centre on Tuesday
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