France needs neither Sarkozy nor Hollande

Former British Prime Minister Harold Wilson once said that a week is a very long time in politics. If that is true, France's 2017 presidential election is an eternity away, and any speculation at this point is premature, even imprudent. 

Nonetheless, some interesting preliminary developments merit consideration — specifically those concerning perceptions of President François Hollande and his predecessor, Nicolas Sarkozy, neither of whom would be likely to win an election today.

The French electorate's disapproval is among the only things that Hollande and Sarkozy — two men with strikingly different personalities and approaches — have in common. In fact, Hollande was elected in 2012 precisely because he presented himself as the "anti-Sarkozy."

Today, a significant majority of French voters cannot stomach the prospect of seeing either leader on their television screens for five more years. Both Hollande and Sarkozy have been relegated to the category of "unwanted incumbent." Some might blame France's...
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We are vulnerable and less safe than ever
Roger Cohen
We are vulnerable and we are fearful. That is the new zeitgeist, at least in the West. Fanaticism feeds on frustration; and frustration is widespread because life for many is not getting better.

To question or not to question, is the question
Mehre Alam
While there is nothing wrong in stressing our social affiliations or groupings or even primordial loyalties, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to tell us from the well-oiled propaganda machinery

Are the US courts for sale?
Joe Nocera
Hudson, 62, is not a congressional or Senate candidate. Rather, she is a State Supreme Court justice in North Carolina, seeking her second eight-year term.

Of shuttered mind-set and a depressed nation
Amina Jilani
The Mian of Raiwind somewhat battered and bruised as is his Family Inc. totters along with not an inspiring thought in his head for the country.

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Yasmin Alibhai Brown
In this environment, men can find it harder to talk about feelings or ask for help. Within too many Muslim families, authoritarianism rules and adds further pressures.
Politics as seen from the prism of values
James J. Zogby
Politics, I have learned is never easy or perfect, and rarely is it black and white. It is, however, a matter of values — how, as my mother would have said it
Why is West so concerned about peaceful ways of Indian Muslims?
Aijaz Zaka Syed
The exultation over Muslims’ loyalty to India and their apparent indifference to the charms of global terror is indeed touching.
Once again, guns are back
But Mary Landrieu voted to take away your gun rights. Vote like your safety depends on it. Defend your freedom. Defeat Mary Landrieu.”
Nobody is off-limits for a newspaper columnist
Our columnist’s view that Zoe is a less than ideal role model for teenage girls divided opinion. On The Independent’s website 340 readers expressed agreement with the view. More than a 1000 disagreed
Al Zawahiri wants US to succeed against Isis
Debasish Mitra
But it is equally true that given the increasing expression of support for Isis we can understand and estimate the degree to which Al Qaeda’s support base has corroded
Court rescues TV channel facing Nawaz Sharif's ire
Kamran Rehmat
The Pemra divide was evident when three channels of Geo TV were taken off air in June this year and a fine of Rs10 million imposed for broadcast deemed as defamatory of the Inter-Services Intelligence
Champions of the children
Gordon Brown
The Nobel Committee thus recognised a global civil-rights struggle against child trafficking, child labour, child marriages, and discrimination against girls.
When a great editor dies...
Amol Rajan
For me, those heroes split into two types. First there were sportswriters, of which C L R James, John Arlott and Christopher Martin-Jenkins were my favourites
No, Putin is not a romantic nationalist
The spread of Western values and institutions is precisely what Putin fears most
At stake in Ukraine is also the fate of Europe
When Ukraine’s voters go to the polls on October 26, not only the fate of their country will be at stake
In Asia, angst is rising against United States
Roger Cohen
Outside China, there is a consistent theme in Asia. It is concerned that declining American power, credibility and commitment will leave the way open for Beijing to exercise dominance over the region

Companies should be able to hire best talent
There are many Omanis who have worked hard during their education, started at the lower levels of an organisation and have worked their way up to become excellent managers and directors
Tonia Gray
Pistorius has been sentenced. What now?
Will he be allowed to return to the athletics track?
Rosie Millard
What does Hashmi’s loss portend for 3-way battle?
Javed Hashmi must be cursing a momentary lapse that has probably cost him his political future
Kamran Rehmat
How PPP is still sinning against Sindh
Will the rapturous roar of the jiyalas in Karachi drown out the cries and groans of the abandoned souls of Sindh?
Fahd Husain
Pax Americana and the forever war...
Growing up in small town India, my earliest introduction to the English language and fiction were ‘cowboy’ novels of Oliver Strange
Aijaz Zaka Syed
Al Zawahiri wants US to succeed against Isis
But it is equally true that given the increasing expression of support for Isis we can understand and estimate the degree to which Al Qaeda’s support base has corroded
Debasish Mitra
In Asia, angst is rising against United States
Outside China, there is a consistent theme in Asia. It is concerned that declining American power, credibility and commitment will leave the way open for Beijing to exercise dominance over the region
Roger Cohen
Muslim Brotherhood courts Isis for support
Today, the Brotherhood’s stands are more than obvious. It wants Isis to win
Debasish Mitra
US strategy in tatters as militants march on
America’s plans to fight Islamic State are in ruins as the militant group’s fighters come close to capturing Kobani and have inflicted a heavy defeat on the Iraqi army west of Baghdad
Patrick Cockburn
Conspiracy theories are afoot in plenty
It’s all a conspiracy. Malala Yousafzai receiving the Nobel prize. There were more deserving candidates.
Kamal Siddiqi
Dam to benefit the poor or the elite Ethiopians?
The mega dam is being built not to meet the future needs of the Ethiopians. Neither is it being built to sustain growth of the nation. Grand Renaissance Dam will benefit only a handful — the Ethiopian elites
Wars over water will be everywhere in Africa
Wars over water may not break in immediately in Africa but a more dangerous game of throwing counterweights or proxy wars have already started to bleed the continent, especially in its northern and central regions
Far-right nationalism strikes roots in India
The rise of the far or extreme right polity is a reality in India today, strengthening the threat of ideological contamination of politics. Social mosaic of the subcontinent is now in serious jeopardy
Why I won’t feel proud of my ‘prime minister’
We in India will probably get a man at the top office in about less than a fortnight from now, one who has denied a section of our population their very fundamental right — the right to live
Sisi cannot get away murdering Egyptians
Egypt is getting soaked in blood virtually every day. Within a trifle over 48 hours of killing over 600 people the trigger-happy forces mowed down at least 70 more
Afghanistan awaits a visionary leader
If Abdullah Abdullah, a blue-eyed boy of the American media wins the election, he will, no doubt, stir a new wave of ideologically motivated anti-Pashtun sectarianism in Afghanistan.
Salvation of the Kurds
Kurds, partly because of the Stalinist ideology they are following, and partly because of the pains they suffered in the past, wish to have an independent country
Musharraf’s story needs closure
Today, General (retd) Pervez Musharraf and his trial are unquestionably the most destabilising factors after Ziaul Haq’s gifts.
EU supporting military occupation
For thirty eight years the occupation of Western Sahara by Morocco has been largely ignored by the rest of the world.
General Sisi is stoking the flames in Egypt
Holding Mursi somewhere at an army base is angering Egypt more than the illegal manner in which he was toppled. He needs to be released to prevent the situation from further exacerbation. But, Al Sisi isn’t expected to do so as he fears Mursi’s release will only magnify army’s illegitimacy