UK's response to Iraq crisis has been farcical

This has not been David Cameron or Philip Hammond's finest hour. A week which started with Hammond marching his troops to the top of the hill, in order to drop "humanitarian" relief to Yazidi refugees on Mount Sinjar in northern Iraq, has ended with Cameron having to march them down again because, according to Barack Obama, there really isn't a problem after all.

More concerning is the spineless lack of leadership and the abject absence of any credible strategy which this unhappy saga has demonstrated. Look no further than Cameron and Hammond's comedy double act if you need empirical evidence of the truth of the maxim coined around 500BC by Sun Tzu, the Chinese strategist: "Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat."

Let us start in the comfort zone of this government where defence and security are concerned: micro-managing at the tactical...

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Winds of anarchy and chaos in Middle East
None, I am sure, foresaw such an ugly demise of a movement which promised to change the Arab world
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Afghanistan awaits a visionary leader
If Abdullah Abdullah, a blue-eyed boy of the American media wins the election, he will, no doubt, stir a new wave of ideologically motivated anti-Pashtun sectarianism in Afghanistan.
Salvation of the Kurds
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