The debate within

I cannot be more in agreement with John M. Owen IV, Ambassador Henry J. Taylor and Mrs. Marion R. Taylor, Professor of Politics at the University of Virginia. It is not Islam the religion that is generating discord. Rather, the problem is a deep disagreement among Muslims over the degree to which the faith ought to shape the laws and institutions of society. "The ongoing competition over what constitutes good public order has polarised them, creating vicious enmities that resist compromise. The result is a self-tightening knot of problems in which each aggravates the others."

A common strain runs through some of the most central developments that have defined the modern history of Muslims — a confrontation, both benign and violent. In their struggle to understand the confrontation, many Western scholars have missed out on several key points that delineate political Islam or Islamism and discern it from all kinds of...

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MQM nails bye-poll, but will that stem the rot?
Kamran Rehmat
Before drawing inferences from the outcome, it is instructive to delve into the background and context of the bye-polls. Azizabad is where MQM’s headquarter — called Nine Zero — is

Nicola's voice is now heard
Gary Smith
Throughout Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland proportional electoral systems operate, but the national UK Westminster government is still not elected proportionally

Obesity should not be a badge of pride
Janet Street Porter
recent research might say overweight people could be less likely to suffer from dementia — but they are far more likely to suffer heart attacks

Europe must avoid another catastrophe
Paul Krugman
It has been an endless nightmare, yet Greece’s political establishment, determined to stay within Europe and fearing the consequences of default and exit from the euro, stayed with the programme

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Present accomplishments will drive future success of Oman
Mohammed Mahfoodh Al Ardhi
Government spending is still given priority in order to provide social services like healthcare, education, water and sewerage, among others
The crown of Karachi
Kamal Siddiqi
Unlike the Jamaat-e-Islami, the vote bank of the MQM largely remains intact. PTI and many other political entities that mostly derive their power and influence from areas outside of the Sindh province
Life for an unemployed 55-year-old man
Simon Kelner
we have to recognise that Clarkson is not your typical mid-50s bloke who’s just lost his job. He effectively has a trampoline stuffed with 50 quid notes to cushion his fall
Should Pakistan play extra-territorial role?
Hasan Askari Rizvi
Pakistan is on the verge of another new role for its military. It has been urged to provide ground troops, air force and naval ships to bolster its military intervention in Yemen
Why Europe so strongly backs Obama on Iran
Carl Bildt
The US recognised that any realistic policy needed European support, while Europeans saw preventing a rush to war by the US or Israel as a central policy objective
Is death the price they must pay?
Rejimon K
Migration is not so simple that it can be managed by promises. At the end of the day, the borders are a common problem for the various governments
It is time now to act firmly on hate
Simon Usborne
In the environment that led to creation of the Third Reich in Germany, Polish people were seen as “an East European species of cockroach”
Obama has failed in Afghanistan strategy
Brahma Chellaney
With all the concessions, the US has revealed to the Taliban — and the world — its desperation to achieve a face-saving settlement that would enable it to escape the Afghan quagmire
A prosperous China will certainly benefit the world
Mu Yongpeng
As a responsible member of the international community, China is ready to join hands with the rest of the world promoting the common will of the peaceful coexistence of mankind
Who won the gun debate?
Charles M. Blow
It was after the Newtown shooting that President Obama established a task force, led by Vice President Joseph Biden Jr., to develop a proposal to reduce gun violence
Unexpected technology in the bragging area
Katy Guest
In many underground stations and certain concert venues, the “exit” signs lead customers like sheep around a maze of corridors in order to reduce overcrowding on the direct routes
Well, here is what the West owes Ukraine
Anders Åslund
But Ukraine still has a long way to go. The good news is that the public largely understands and supports the government’s reform efforts
The least we can do to help minimise Syria's suffering
Lakhdar Brahimi
The responsibility for our collective failure and inaction is not confined to international diplomats and policymakers; it is shared by all of us
Banning beef is not the answer
Manil Suri
The laws have affected more than just restaurants. Thousands of butchers and vendors, their livelihood abruptly suspended, have protested in Mumbai
Women don't have to be touchy to be political
Melanie McDonagh
The excruciating impression was that women are incapable of hard choices or of confronting economic realities — so they ignored Farage’s unanswerable point about the housing crisis

Why Europe needs to bail out Greece
The Greeks, it can be argued, have not earned the right to be saved. And yet a Greek exit from the euro is not the best option for either Greece or for the European Union
Anders Borg
Should Pakistan play extra-territorial role?
Pakistan is on the verge of another new role for its military. It has been urged to provide ground troops, air force and naval ships to bolster its military intervention in Yemen
Hasan Askari Rizvi
The bomb no longer shocks the world
The nuclear-armed states can and should make serious commitments to dramatic further reductions in the size of their arsenals
Gareth Evans
Well, here is what the West owes Ukraine
But Ukraine still has a long way to go. The good news is that the public largely understands and supports the government’s reform efforts
Anders Åslund
The challenges of Russia’s decline
It is important not to isolate Russia completely, given shared interests with the US and Europe relating to nuclear security non-proliferation, terrorism, space, the Arctic, and Iran and Afghanistan
Joseph S. Nye
Looming threat of the Russian Bear
The continued Russian (Soviet) military antagonism, and international self-imposed isolation, comes a quarter of a century following the collapse of the Berlin Wall
Gary Smith
Their brothers have forsaken Palestinians
Israel finds courage to commit crimes in Gaza and get away with impunity every time because the Arabs have not been an effective opposition beyond being rhetorical
Debasish Mitra
Dear Kenya, you need to be strong
We are lions that have been robbed of their cubs. We are soldiers that have been bled, hacked and cut up. We are warriors that have been inflicted with one of the worst forms of torture
Sajeer Shaikh
What do adult colouring books say about us?
Colouring clears your head and lifts your spirits. For those less musically or verbally inclined, it’s also a fantastic way to express yourself
Nash Riggins
Grass only said, ‘What Must Be Said’
And in his courage to stand against the Goliath the octogenarian litterateur had become the conscience of the world as much as that of the Germans
Debasish Mitra
Dam to benefit the poor or the elite Ethiopians?
The mega dam is being built not to meet the future needs of the Ethiopians. Neither is it being built to sustain growth of the nation. Grand Renaissance Dam will benefit only a handful — the Ethiopian elites
Wars over water will be everywhere in Africa
Wars over water may not break in immediately in Africa but a more dangerous game of throwing counterweights or proxy wars have already started to bleed the continent, especially in its northern and central regions
Far-right nationalism strikes roots in India
The rise of the far or extreme right polity is a reality in India today, strengthening the threat of ideological contamination of politics. Social mosaic of the subcontinent is now in serious jeopardy
Why I won’t feel proud of my ‘prime minister’
We in India will probably get a man at the top office in about less than a fortnight from now, one who has denied a section of our population their very fundamental right — the right to live
Sisi cannot get away murdering Egyptians
Egypt is getting soaked in blood virtually every day. Within a trifle over 48 hours of killing over 600 people the trigger-happy forces mowed down at least 70 more
Afghanistan awaits a visionary leader
If Abdullah Abdullah, a blue-eyed boy of the American media wins the election, he will, no doubt, stir a new wave of ideologically motivated anti-Pashtun sectarianism in Afghanistan.
Salvation of the Kurds
Kurds, partly because of the Stalinist ideology they are following, and partly because of the pains they suffered in the past, wish to have an independent country
Musharraf’s story needs closure
Today, General (retd) Pervez Musharraf and his trial are unquestionably the most destabilising factors after Ziaul Haq’s gifts.
EU supporting military occupation
For thirty eight years the occupation of Western Sahara by Morocco has been largely ignored by the rest of the world.
General Sisi is stoking the flames in Egypt
Holding Mursi somewhere at an army base is angering Egypt more than the illegal manner in which he was toppled. He needs to be released to prevent the situation from further exacerbation. But, Al Sisi isn’t expected to do so as he fears Mursi’s release will only magnify army’s illegitimacy