Eric Holder has reasons for keeping up at night

We don't know if the US Attorney General is still keeping up at night and suffering from insomnia. But if he kept up even for a single night Eric H. Holder Jr. certainly had a good reason. He confessed that the Paris-style attack has left him nervous and concerned about potential France-style terror assault happening in the United States. And so are many Americans who share Holder's nervousness. They feel it is easier to replicate the assault in the United States than in Europe.

In an interview, immediately after the attack on Charlie Hebdo and the series of violence that rocked Paris, Eric Holder said: "It's something that frankly keeps me up at night, worrying about the lone wolf or a group of people, a very small group of people, who decide to get arms on their own and do what we saw in France. It's the kind of thing...

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Is Sharif's PML-N anti or pro-establishment?
Kamran Rehmat
Then, midway between Sharif’s exile and his redacted but dogged PML-N, Sharif did something that was in stark contrast to the history of various factions of Muslim League

China's reform stalemate
Reconciling the fundamental misalignment of interests in China will not be easy — not least because interest groups will not discuss, much less oppose, reforms in an open and transparent manner

Dippy's existence is a malicious lie
There hasn’t been such a blossoming of shared national pain since the mists of a few weeks ago, when Cadbury’s announced minor changes to the recipe of the gritty milk by-product it calls Crème Eggs,

Europe has failed to offer hope and vision
Javier Solana
Muslim immigrants, whether first, second or third-generation, must be able to integrate fully into European society, gaining the same opportunities as Europe’s other residents and citizens

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We can't insulate ourselves against this refugee crisis
There has been no progress on ending the war in Syria since the Geneva process collapsed 12 months ago. Syria is in flames, and areas of Iraq are gripped by fighting
Is liberté absolute?
Tariq Mahmud
In a pluralistic society, liberté and freedom cannot be sustained over time while overlooking the broad overlap of the principal of fraternité
Are we starting to see the end of Ebola?
The weekly number of cases has fluctuated in the past, and unless we remain vigilant things could deteriorate again
UK accepted only 90 Syrian refugees in 2014
David Hanson
The scale of this crisis and the suffering meted on the Syrian people is horrific: a city the size of Manchester has been destroyed, and a population bigger than London’s displaced
Will Syriza be able to end the nightmare of Greece?
Paul Krugman
What actually transpired was an economic and human nightmare. Far from ending in 2011, the Greek recession gathered momentum
Middle class and the X factor
Oommen Kuruvilla
The middle class became disillusioned with AAP when it jettisoned the government in a huff and played a series of shenanigans in the state
Is it time to lose the word 'terrorism'?
Memphis Barker
The world won’t be safer in a literal sense, of course; Isis and Al Qaeda will butcher regardless of the term a BBC newsroom applies
Boehner-Netanyahu: There's more to story
James J. Zogby
Observers across the globe were amazed at the gall of the American Congress to invite a foreign leader to slap their president in the face
Our behaviour is enough to push them towards violence
Robert Fisk
Beyond this field of blood there is a history of massive injustice which must be recognised, and a vital need for good people to speak out about the iniquities we have unleashed
Pakistan in the grip of an identity crisis now
Sabina Khan
We are racked with violence and extremism while our civil society is inept and known to celebrate suicidal maniacs with vigour and fanfare
Is Amjad Bashir the Churchill of his day?
Matthew Norman
Where, everybody has been fretting in the half-century since Churchill passed away, are we to find the Winstons du jour in the age of the political pygmy?
Law-breakers at the helm as lawmakers
Debasish Mitra
My ancestors allowed felons to monopolise politics of my country and I too carried their sin forward,
Funds to fund aid fast becoming hard to raise
As crises multiply around the world, rich countries are raising new barriers for those seeking safety
Do not blame the Nafta
Joe Nocera
But China, where millions more manufacturing jobs have migrated — and with which we have a huge trade deficit — doesn’t even have a trade agreement with the United States.
Bid to revive the spirit of St Peter's
Jamie Merrill
Even before it fell into decay, St Peter’s divided opinion, with the architecture magazine Prospect naming it Scotland’s best modern building

Why aren’t we talking about massacre by Boko Haram?
Under Jonathan’s watch, Boko Haram has killed thousands and left more than a million people displaced
It is an act of outrageous cruelty
The slaughter of dolphins at Taiji is as foul and heartless and revolting a spectacle as it is possible to imagine
Michael McCarthy
A new Sino-Russian alliance on the cards?
.Tthe gas deals amplify a significant bilateral trade imbalance, with Russia supplying raw materials to China and importing Chinese manufactures
Joseph S. Nye
Pope is right. You can’t insult faith of others
The French looked at and treated these Arabs as less than human. Two generations later, these once-colonised Algerians have come to France seeking jobs and opportunity
James J. Zogby
The newfound Modi-Obama bonhomie is set to continue
The visit of President Obama in January 2015, stands out as a diplomatic victory for the new BJP Government in Delhi
Sujeet Sarkar
Britain keen to support the Sultanate’s growth
That British companies are keen to invest in Oman is clear: UK exports to Oman totalled around £600 million in 2013, and the UK is Oman’s largest foreign investor
Lord Mayor Alan Yarrow
Do away with all the illusions about Syria
it is imperative that we put aside fantasies about any side winning or, worse still, the notion that should they win peace and justice and democracy will reign over the land
James J. Zogby
Why Israelis will not serve Israel army now
The reality is that a majority of Israeli citizens do not serve in the military, including Palestinian citizens of Israel, or the ‘fifth column’, as they are often branded
For the love of carbon
Needless to say, the guilty parties here will never admit that they were wrong. But if you look at their behaviour closely, you see clear signs that they don’t really believe in their own doctrine
Paul Krugman
State of global poverty indeed desperate now
What is shocking is that nearly one billion people including more than 80 per cent of the populations of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Madagascar, Liberia, and Burundi live below poverty line
Kaushik Basu 1
Dam to benefit the poor or the elite Ethiopians?
The mega dam is being built not to meet the future needs of the Ethiopians. Neither is it being built to sustain growth of the nation. Grand Renaissance Dam will benefit only a handful — the Ethiopian elites
Wars over water will be everywhere in Africa
Wars over water may not break in immediately in Africa but a more dangerous game of throwing counterweights or proxy wars have already started to bleed the continent, especially in its northern and central regions
Far-right nationalism strikes roots in India
The rise of the far or extreme right polity is a reality in India today, strengthening the threat of ideological contamination of politics. Social mosaic of the subcontinent is now in serious jeopardy
Why I won’t feel proud of my ‘prime minister’
We in India will probably get a man at the top office in about less than a fortnight from now, one who has denied a section of our population their very fundamental right — the right to live
Sisi cannot get away murdering Egyptians
Egypt is getting soaked in blood virtually every day. Within a trifle over 48 hours of killing over 600 people the trigger-happy forces mowed down at least 70 more
Afghanistan awaits a visionary leader
If Abdullah Abdullah, a blue-eyed boy of the American media wins the election, he will, no doubt, stir a new wave of ideologically motivated anti-Pashtun sectarianism in Afghanistan.
Salvation of the Kurds
Kurds, partly because of the Stalinist ideology they are following, and partly because of the pains they suffered in the past, wish to have an independent country
Musharraf’s story needs closure
Today, General (retd) Pervez Musharraf and his trial are unquestionably the most destabilising factors after Ziaul Haq’s gifts.
EU supporting military occupation
For thirty eight years the occupation of Western Sahara by Morocco has been largely ignored by the rest of the world.
General Sisi is stoking the flames in Egypt
Holding Mursi somewhere at an army base is angering Egypt more than the illegal manner in which he was toppled. He needs to be released to prevent the situation from further exacerbation. But, Al Sisi isn’t expected to do so as he fears Mursi’s release will only magnify army’s illegitimacy