What makes Goa a perfect holiday destination

by Mrudu Naik
Photo - Times of Oman
Oman Air, the Sultanate’s national carrier recently launched direct flights to Goa, India’s popular tourist destination. Take this three-hour flight to discover the goodness of Goa, Mrudu Naik reports

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Geological richness of Oman: Unraveling the mysteries deep within
Given the geological richness of Oman, the Geological Society of Oman (GSO) has a big role to play in discovering and preserving the relics of evolution, and sensitizing the masses about the importanc

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Thursday magazine has come up with a new initiative to help those individuals/families with a platform to share their issues and find a good solution

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The Women’s Guild of Oman to be lifeline for newcomers
Most importantly the WGO helps them get familiar with the places, people and the culture of the Sultanate
Oman tourism: Escape to Turtle Beach Resort in Ras Al Hadd
From the moment you arrive at the Turtle Beach Resort, following a narrow twisting road from the little town of Ras Al Hadd, a sense of calm will descend upon you, and time will seem to slow down.
So to Speak: In another dimension
It was one of those days when one could not concentrate. I needed to invigorate myself and a quiet walk beckoned
Think Blue: Volkswagen encourages environmentally conscious everyday driving
The German carmaker is aiming to deploy a large number of new environmentally friendly models in Oman.

Fire in Oman's industrial area Ghala creates panic
The fire had reportedly broke out in a workshop ran by a Bangladeshi expatriate behind a supermarket in Ghala.
Earthquake warnings are just rumours, says director of SQU seismological centre in Oman
Earthquake warnings doing the rounds on social networking websites and messages are simply rumours, clarified an expert from the Sultan Qaboos University
Oman ranks second in happiness index in GCC
Oman scored an overall rank of 6.853 in the United Nations (UN)-backed World Happiness Report 2015 released on Thursday.
More than 1,500 lives lost in Nepal earthquake
The final toll from the 7.8 magnitude quake that affected the whole country could be much higher, and dozens more people were reported killed in neighbouring India, Bangladesh and China
Former foreign minister of India Salman Khurshid, German envoy team up for video
Former foreign minister of India Salman Khurshid teamed up with German ambassador to India Michael Steiner for a Bollywood-style music video inspired by 2003 romantic drama Kal Ho Naa Ho
Nepal earthquake: Oman Air delays flights
According to Oman Airport’s flight departure schedule, Oman Air WY337, which was scheduled to leave Oman 10:50am has been delayed.
Egypt's ousted president Morsi faces new espionage trial on February 15
Egypt's ousted president Mohamed Morsi faces a new espionage trial on February 15 for allegedly leaking "classified documents" to Qatar and Al Jazeera television, a judicial source said on Monday
Double delight for Indian school Wadi Kabir students as they lift Times of Oman Quiz trophy
Indian School Wadi Kabir (Ashwin Titus and Vishaal Udandarao) lifted the senior title of the Omantel Times of Oman Inter School Quiz Contest (TOOISQC) at the City Amphitheatre, in Muscat, on Friday
Oman's Ministry of Housing aims to check real estate price fluctuations
To check the realty price fluctuations, Ministry of Housing plans to enforce existing regulations so that unlicenced brokers face a maximum jail term of six months and a fine not exceeding OMR3,000
Oman to expand underground waste bin facility to new areas of capital
A tender to set up an underground waste collection system in the Shati Al Qurum area has been floated by the Muscat Municipality.
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Oman accidents: Focus back on drivers after bus hits girl
The Indian School Mabela student has been lying unconscious in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of Sultan Qaboos Hospital since Wednesday.