Behind the lens at Royal Opera House Muscat

by Sarah MacDonald
Photo – Khalid Al Busaidi/ROHM
Khalid Al Busaidi, the chief photographer at the Royal Opera House Muscat (ROHM), reflects on his passion for capturing the operas, ballets, concerts and other performing arts

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So to Speak: The desert ship is sinking
I thought the camel lost its way and ended up in the residential area. The big brown animal was reaching for a top branch of a thorny tree and start munching the craggy leaves.

Weekly recipe: Naacos, naan tacos with spicy chicken stuffing and gorgeous banana fritters
Fusion cuisine is cuisine that combines elements of different culinary traditions.

Stranger Than Fiction: Was this really the portrait of a ghost?
Maybe there would have been more interest in the painting if anyone at the auction had known its curious history – including the claim that it was the portrait of a ghost!

Share and Care: Why has my wife gone into a shell?
Thursday magazine has come up with a new initiative to help those individuals/families with a platform to share their issues and find a good solution

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It was a marriage which survived the tumult of two World Wars, and Winston Churchill never under-estimated the love and support of the woman who was at his side for 56 years
Book review: Elon Musk, for industrialist, sky is no limit
“We’ve become a nation of indoor cats,” Dave Eggers wrote in “A Hologram for the King” (2012), his existential novel about an American doing IT work in the Saudi Arabian desert.
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Thursday magazine has come up with a new initiative to help those individuals/families with a platform to share their issues and find a good solution.
Crime: Greed over love
Joyce LeMay attracted the attention of most of the male staff from the moment she took up a secretarial job in the Miami headquarters of the vast SAC construction company in the autumn of 1974
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So to Speak: A tale of two cities
When I was bored with Muscat, I jumped into my car and drove straight to Dubai. Armed with nothing but plastic cards, I passed both borders showing one and paid for the hotel with another kind.
Muscat’s Café Culture
From business meetings to casual get-togethers, coffee and tea shops are social hubs in the Sultanate.
Book review: Hold Still, a rich life in photos and words
There aren’t many important memoirs by American photographers. I wish especially that, along with Robert Frank and Diane Arbus, Walker Evans had left one behind
Weekly Recipe: Moroccan spiced lamb curry with chermoula grilled eggplant and minty cous cous salad
To make special occasions more special try my Moroccan spiced lamb curry
So to Speak: All about bad choices
People make choices and often stand by them. However, defend¬ing the right to choose cannot always be right. For instance, how could you defend a decision that takes away a large part of your life?
Stranger Than Fiction: Dream ship that sailed into a nightmare
Madame Marie Peretti, wife of the chairman of a leading French shipping line, hurried up the stairs to her elegant Parish apartment just before Christmas 1932...
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They were both celebrated Hollywood rebels with a long record of romantic disasters. Now here they were, playing husband and wife...
Book review: 'On the Move', A doctor full of words, quirks and brains
In a blunt, eloquent and devastating Op-Ed essay in The New York Times in February, Dr Oliver Sacks revealed that cancer in his liver had left him with only months to live

Police chase did not cause Oman accident which killed four, insists ROP
The source confirmed that the incident file will be forwarded to the public prosecutor to complete the investigation.
Saudi Arabia attack: Suicide bomber kills many in deadly attack on mosque in Eastern Province
An individual detonated a bomb he was wearing under his clothes during Friday prayers at Ali Ibn Abi Taleb mosque in Kudeih in Qatif province, the interior ministry spokesman said in a statement.
Abu Dhabi health authorities link Mers case to Oman
On Wednesday, Health Authority Abu Dhabi said a second person had been diagnosed with Mers, but declined to give further details.
Beat the heat in Oman with water sports
Oman's pristine beaches and crystal-clear waters have long been a draw for those who love the sea
Social media for professional learning and growth
Social media along with other benefits offered by Internet has provided lot of opportunities and challenges.
Bangladesh Embassy in Oman sets up mobile units to issue machine readable passports
The Bangladesh government has given itself till the end of 2015 to ensure it issues all its citizens with machine readable passports.
Khalid Al Busaidi, the man behind lens at Royal Opera House Muscat throws light on his journey
Khalid Al Busaidi, the official photographer of Royal Opera House Muscat, throws light on his journey so far on the sidelines of his exhibition, Music Reflections, at the Opera Galleria
Parks in Muscat offer a cool respite from summer heat
As the mercury soars, lush public gardens in and around Muscat provide natural relief from the heat for residents who flock to these parks to spend afternoons with family and friends.
Anniversary: Thailand junta detains student activists protesting against military rule
Activists staged small shows of defiance to mark the anniversary of the takeover. Soldiers detained seven students, some who held anti-coup signs, after they gathered in the city of Khon Khaen.
HM the Sultan greets Yemeni president
His Majesty has sent a cable of greetings to Field Marshal Abd Rabbuh Mansur Hadi, President of the Yemeni Republic
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