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Fascination with melody
March 13, 2013 | 12:00 AM
Himesh Reshammiya

Omani audiences should gear up for a power-packed performance because Himesh Reshammiya is in town. With more than 550 songs to his credit, he promised during a candid interview with Times of Oman on the eve of his show that he would sweep the audience off its feet. During the interview, Himesh spoke his mind about everything from being branded a nasal singer to the production of his latest album and the establishment of his new production house.

His new album, @ da edge, boasts 15 English songs, featuring five of the best female singers in the world. The project, which is still underway, will have 15 videos shot and directed by Roman White, a music director who has directed the videos of Justin Bieber, Kelly Clarkson, and Carrie Underwood. "I'm done with most of my recordings; it's just the shooting that needs to be finished," he said.

Edward Maya, musician and international DJ, is said to have taken a liking to his melodic tunes and will be remixing some songs for this new album. "Each song will be released every three and a half months with a new video, featuring renowned female singers," stated Himesh. He declined to reveal the artistes' names, saying the news would unfold over the next couple of months. He noted that the album would have a tinge of influence from Indian music but would largely fit the pop and R&B genre.

"My dad has been my greatest inspiration," he admitted. Every single song he sings is first approved by his father, and then they go on to become his biggest hits. In a career spanning two decades, the composer has released as many as 550 songs across 108 different movies.

Himesh remarked that he worked on his own terms, which was the secret to his success. "I always stock up on my compositions, and these come out in the movies with little tweaks. Be it Bodyguard, Khiladi 786, Bol Bachan, or any other movie, they are composed when I take little breaks and go into hiding to compose," he revealed.

In response to requests from clients to compromise on deadlines, the music composer reported feeling uncomfortable about meeting such demands. "I like my space, and I work on my own terms," he stressed, adding, "That is why my songs are chartbusters."

"Songs need to be melodic. I experiment with different genres, beats, and unconventional music. I have a fascination with beats." Himesh predicts that, in time, India will see a burst of original talent.

The music composer has judged numerous music competitions and has mentored a tad too many singers. Lately, he has moved into the realm of film production, from which he has been reaping the big bucks.

The music scene, he forecasts, is changing swiftly in India. Right now, people are stuck to the notion that music is solely linked to movies, and the audiences want new singers to mimic the original composition. "I would like to encourage young talent to sing original songs, and that is what will define him or her as a 'somebody.' The trend has begun. It may, however, be a while before non-movie albums are accepted by the public," pointed out Himesh, who has taken it upon himself to hunt down talent and give them their big break through his production house, H R Musik.

Greater promotion and marketing of non-film-related music albums and new singers is the need of the hour, he suggested. Himesh brushed off critics who have accused him of being a nasal singer. "I'm proud of my signature style of singing. I win all my awards because of it," he laughed.

At the start of his career, the awards mattered to Himesh, as a newcomer. What does he think of it now? "The awards don't matter," claimed Himesh. "They used to, but now they don't. "But if they come, then why not?" he asked.

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