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Pakistan School takes steps to enhance students’ safety
March 16, 2013 | 12:00 AM
PSM management has decided to install CCTVs in and around the campus and recruit at least three more security guards to maintain strict surveillance.Photo - Courtesy Pakistan School Muscat website

Muscat: Pakistan School Muscat (PSM) has announced a slew of precautionary measures to avoid any mishaps and ensuring the security of its students.

An emergency meeting, attended by the chairman of the board of directors of Pakistan Schools Oman,  counsellor and community welfare attaché of the Pakistan Embassy, the senior principal, and the school's staff, was convened at A.Q. Khan Hall at PSM.

Some important issues regarding the safety of the students were discussed at the meeting, and the most important issue on the table was the installation of CCTVs in and around the campus and the recruitment of at least three more security guards to maintain strict surveillance.
With parents expressing their concern over the safety of their children, the school has also decided to update students' contact lists and will introduce a bulk SMS system to convey important messages directly to the parents. 

It was further suggested and agreed upon that in cases where students, particularly girls, are absent from school, the parents would immediately be called to confirm their absence.
At the meeting, emphasis was placed on holding awareness and training sessions for the students and staff, with the help of the Royal Oman Police, Civil Defence and Traffic Department. 

The road safety campaign launched by the Omani authorities has already received enthusiastic support from PSM, and several activities, including the staging of an exhibition on the theme of road safety and participation in the Muscat Festival, were conducted to improve road-safety awareness among the people.

To enhance the security of the students, a decision regarding the construction of boundary walls and the installation of boundary grills was also made.

The school management has already adopted numerous measures to provide a hygienic and safe environment. Several trees have been planted, 20 heavy-duty water purifiers have been installed on water coolers, and 35 new split ACs have been installed in the classrooms.
The solutions being planned by PSM to ensure students' safety demonstrate the school's concern for its students, while they are in and around the school campus. 

PSM has always given priority to the welfare of its students, assured the school management.

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