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Young innovators run for Imagine Cup 2013
March 17, 2013 | 12:00 AM

Muscat: Five innovative projects conceived by young Omanis have been shortlisted to compete for the 'Oman Imagine Cup 2013 National Winner' title.

Of the five shortlisted projects, Team Imagine Xone from Sultan Qaboos University (SQU) produced 'Pregnanion', which is the ultimate pregnancy companion; it is a multi-lingual application that all pregnant women in the world can use and benefit from in a fun and interactive way to improve their health and their baby's health during their pregnancy and after the delivery.

Team ARMZ, a joint effort between SQU and the Colleges of Applied Sciences-Nizwa, was shortlisted for two projects. The first was Project VolunteerBook, a social app for the Windows Phone that allows users to interact freely with each other under a voluntary work umbrella. Each user can specify the domains he/she is interested in following (e.g., health, education, or environment). Each user can act as an organiser of certain voluntary work and can broadcast a message asking for support from volunteers who have already expressed an interest in that type of volunteer work.

Team ARMZ's second shortlisted project was Project ARMZ—an intelligent application that reacts to minimal interaction from the user, through the voice function or a click, providing all available information related to the subject of the user's choice. 'ARMZ' learns and remembers user's choices and builds its reference list according to patterns of behaviour, making it an expert system.

Team AnaCode from SQU was shortlisted for Project I Found It—a social network that helps users to jot down ideas, search for people with specific expertise, share the ideas with them, and start work! This solution can be applied in many ways, such as finding a trainee or a temporary employee, developing an IT project, developing business ideas, making a video, and planning a trip or a holiday.

Team Thrizers from the Higher College of Technology competed with Project ReadX. The application assists children with dyslexia, tackling the issue without creating stress for the user. On the first use of the application, the user is asked whether he/she is a dyslexic child or the parent of a dyslexic child because each will use the application differently and will be given dissimilar tasks to complete.

To inspire more students globally and to encourage a wider variety of aspiring innovators to participate, Microsoft has redesigned the Imagine Cup around three new competitions, which have been built on the core elements that have been the most popular with students over the past 10 years—social impact and gaming—while expanding the competition's focus on innovation and entrepreneurship.

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