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The Sultan’s School ISB film maker nominated for major international award
April 7, 2013 | 12:00 AM

Asaad Al Raeesi's film titled 'Smoke', produced in collaboration with Bushra Al-Hashar and Munther Al-Farsi, was recently nominated for award at the THIMUN Qatar Northwestern Film Festival held annually in Doha, Qatar. The THIMUN Qatar Northwestern University Film Festival attracts young film makers from around the world. The film serve as a platform for young people to create advocacy films on local or global issues. Asaad's film covers the topic of underage smoke, an effort to raise awareness about this global issue and understand why underage smoking happens, the types of smoking and how this big issue could be stopped.

"We produced this film in 10 days. We lost some interview footages and faced a lot of difficulties. We literally worked till the very last minute. I almost had a heart attack when Miss Cameron e-mailed me saying that the office did not received our package. Turns out it did arrived and there was a mix up - Thank God! We were really excited to be nominated, personally one of my happiest moments. It was really challenging to produce this movie because we worked indivually on this without the help of our parents, school or anyone else – what you see is the work of 6 students and I really thank all of them for helping us convey our message and produce this," said Asaad Abd al-Rahman Ali Al Raeesi.

Since this was my first time in shooting a movie, I personally gained a lot from this experience that I will benefit from in the future. This opportunity allowed me to release the potential I have in this field and I hope to further progress this potential and hopefully have more opportunities to demonstrate my improvement. I would like to thank my friends for my support – a pleasure  to be working with them as always,"  said Munther Al-Farsi

This was my first time producing a movie of any sort so I did not really know how to edit prior to this. I only knew basic editing and time wasn't to our advantage and we really had to speed up everything we did. I think that issue is very serious and I think more awareness should be raised about it to try and stop it – atleast minimise it. Overall, it was a fun experience to produce the movie and and I was very happy to find out about our nominations. Special thanks to our friends who helped us – I think what we produced was huge considering that not a single person had any prior production experience. Hopefully we can do more and produce more!" said Bushra Al Hashar.

This year's festival will be held from April 11 – April 13th.

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