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Are you ready for the future?
July 11, 2013 | 12:00 AM

A successful person is not one who knows all, but one who knows where to get the knowledge from, when needed

The velocity of change will continue to increase in the future. Opportunities pop up like images in a fast-moving video game. How quickly we hit the button and score points in this dynamic environment will define our future.

The secret lies in our ability to respond rapidly while maintaining our stability and balance. Business is like a frog sitting on a lily pad – ever alert, carefully balanced and ready to catch the next hapless fly that comes within range.

The future is full of turbulence. The world is changing fast – faster than we think. The strategies we develop today will not work tomorrow. Past methods, rules, perspectives or procedures certainly won't work in the future. The time has come to challenge our own strategies, rules, methods, beliefs, systems, habits, and knowledge.
If we do not want to be extinguished tomorrow, we need to aggressively build a strong base of new skills, knowledge, approaches to collaborations, access to better resources, and develop mechanisms for faster responses to conquer not only existing, but  future opportunities, as well.

Everything is in reference to the environment we are operating, and the bitter fact is that this environment is constantly changing, making our existing skills, knowledge, resources redundant with every passing moment.

No matter how much we think we know now, we have to accept that we are lagging behind. Things are changing that quickly, every day.
In an attempt to gather every piece of knowledge related to our business, we risk getting bogged down in all this information. It is very difficult to keep regularly updating our knowledge in such a fast-changing world. No one can do so. It's an impossible job for any one person to constantly track every development happening around him.

The key to this challenge is to surround yourself with a network of co-workers, friends, colleagues, customers and suppliers who will share their updated knowledge with you, when needed. A successful person is not one who knows all, but one who knows where to get the knowledge from, when needed.
Today, we need to be more agile than before, and our ability to adapt to changes needs to be much stronger than before. Success is all about awareness — when to destroy and recreate winning strategies. It's about learning and unlearning, and getting the right information to the right people at the right time. But, the first and most important question we need to ask ourselves is, are we willing to change? The future is demanding. It's going to be more dependent on our ability to be quick, responsive to the environment and changing needs. Are we ready to transform knowledge competencies into new knowledge, re-inventing business and creating new rules, and doing so again and again?
If we think tomorrow is going to be easy we are fooling ourselves. The players of tomorrow are much smarter, quicker and open than we are. They are certainly going to add a faster pacing to business. They are certainly going to write new rules of the game; but not only this, we can expect the introduction of a new game altogether. Are we ready to play? Play-go-win!

Sukant Ratnakar is a corporate professional and author of the book, "Open The Windows To The World Around You".

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