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Private sector hiring expats at steady pace
November 28, 2012 | 12:00 AM

Muscat: Statistics from the Ministry of Manpower (MoM) show that the number of expatriates recruited by the private sector during the first eight months of this year reached 1,254,000 as compared to 1,114,000 recruitments in 2011.

However, the hiring of citizens by the private sector is quite modest when compared with that of expatriates. "The recruitment of locals increased only between 0.3 and 0.5 per cent as against a 12.5 per cent rise in the expatriate manpower," a senior official of the MoM has said.
He said there has been around 12.5 per cent rise in the hiring of expatriates by the private sector companies by the end of August 2012, as compared to 12 months
in 2011.

Losing lustre
The figures show the disenchantment of Omani youths towards the private sector. "The private sector hired expats due to reluctance on the part of young Omanis to fill these vacant posts," said a top manager of a recruiting firm who didn't wish to be named.

Shift duty, extended hours of work and lack of job security are some of the reasons why Omani citizens turn away from private sector jobs. "Other factors contributing to the public sector exodus are easy availability of personal loans and more holidays," according to Sultan Al Abri, a member of the job seekers' committee at Majlis Al Shura.

A report by the Shura Council reveals that among the 53,000 people who resigned from their private sector jobs in 2011, nearly half of them joined the public sector.  "About 48 per cent of locals used to get less than RO200, which forced them to resign their private sector jobs," according to a report of Majlis Al Shura.

The report says that 58,283 Omani citizens were employed with the private and government sectors in 2011, of which the number of males was 42,114 while the number of females was 16,169.

The official also said that the number of managers recruited by private companies in 2012 increased by 9.9 per cent. By the end of August, 35,755  expat managers were recruited by private companies all over Oman. And the number of expat workers hired in sales department increased by 16 per cent to over 50,000 by the end of August, 2011.

Similarly, industrial, chemicals and food industry recruitment increased by 19.2 per cent amounting to 76,000 in the first eight months of 2011. However, specialists and technicians in the scientific sector remained stable which had 118,000 expats.

The statistics also indicate that 4,396 expatriates working for the private sector and hired this year couldn't read or write, 409,000 expatriates working for the private sector can read and write of which 86,000 are the holders of Primary School Certificates, 438,000 have Preparatory School Certificates, 175,000 Secondary School Certificates, 33,000 diploma holders, 100,000 bachelor degree holders, 1,669 with masters degree and 2,065  had Ph.D degrees.

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