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Dar Al Atta’a joins hands with kids for Quranqasho charity
July 27, 2013 | 12:00 AM
The children had a gala time at the Quranqasho event, which also attracted some foreign guests. Photo – AR Rajkumar/TIMES OF OMAN

Muscat: Children celebrated the mid-way point of Ramadan while raising money for charity on Thursday night at Dar Al Atta'a's Quranqasho event at Shangri-La.

The event featured live music, face painting, a henna station, an adventure zone, games, and of course, lots of candy, but with the OMR1.500 entrance fee, it also raised a lot of money for the education of children from low-income families.

"The main aim behind the Quranqasho event is to raise funds for school stationery for the underprivileged for the school year," explained May Al Bayat, spokeswoman for Dar Al Atta'a.

Al Bayat said the event was a fun way to involve the community in charity work since the families who attend know the money is going towards a great cause.

The prominent local charity organisation recruited 45 volunteers, mainly university students on a summer break, to help with the event. Al Bayat said it was a good way for the students to put their free time to good use.

For the volunteers, Dar Al Atta'a's Quranqasho was an opportunity to contribute to society.

"I love kids and Quranqasho, and I love helping other people. It's important," stated Hidaya Hassan.

The event also attracted some foreign guests from the resort who were curious about local customs. British tourist Tracy Ward, who attended the event with her husband and their three children, said Quranqasho was a way for her kids to experience something new.

"We want to show the children a bit of Muslim culture. We're interested in the children interacting with children here to learn about Islamic culture," remarked Ward, as her daughter got her hands decorated with henna.

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